Product Launch: Sennheiser CX Budget True Wireless IEMs!

Sennheiser are one of those rare companies that bridge the gap between consumer and boutique audio with a vast range of products underpinned by sound German engineering. Their Momentum True Wireless while no longer so lauded, was at its time of inception, considered the pinnacle of true wireless audio. The CX true wireless continues this […]

Product Launch: NICEHCK NX7 MK3 7 Driver Hybrid IEM

If you’ve been watching audio Facebook groups or perhaps the discovery thread on Head-fi, you’ll likely have heard of NICEHCK. They are most known for their very value-orientated hybrid earphones with the NX7 being most widely covered. That model drew much interest for its low-cost adoption of generally advanced acoustic design. However, reviews were critical […]

Blon BL-05 Review – All Show

The BL-05 isn’t a bad buy when taken holistically, but does receive a limited recommendation from me for its polarising tonality.