THhifi Face Red review : Easily The Benchmark under $200

How is this market doing in this marginally stricter time? Ask again and I will tell you to chill, this market is livelier than ever. New brands are raising their heads and older brands are fighting to hold on to their fan base and Market share. We all have heard about Kinera and their sister […]

DUNU Falcon Pro : Clean and Mature

INTRODUCTION: DUNU has been one of the most accomplished brands from Chinese origin which has a full array of IEMs in every price bracket. DUNU has been making IEMs for long. They started making IEMs as early as first decade of this millennium. They shot to fame Back in 2013 when I too was fascinated […]

Fiio FD3 review : A potent single DD

INTRO: Fiio needs no introduction. It is one of the most renowned chi-fi brands if not the most. They started with DAPs and back in their initial years the X5 was holding fort for them. It was one of the best player available in the market. Then Fiio forayed into DAC/Amps and IEMs. Their F1 […]

Akoustyx R220 review : Straight to the point

INTRODUCTION: Akoustyx, most of us might not have heed about this brand but some if us must have heard about “Rockit sound”. The Rockit R50 was one of the best dual BA based IEMs 4-5 years ago along with the Q-jays, DBA-02 and ATH-IM02. Rockit is now, Akoustyx. They changed their portfolio, they came up […]

Product Launch : Copplinn Alula

Copplinn Sound and Engineered is a relatively new brand with a couple of IEMs under their belt. Copplinn is very confident about the Alula. It houses a single Liquid Silicone Driver which has a thickness of just 0.1mm. According to Copplinn it delivers Best Woofer and Full-Band Sound Quality with an IPX8 protection. Copplinn has […]

ISN D10 review : Love of bass and different other things

With a lot of brands coming out into the IEM scene buyers have a lot of options these days and the budget to mid range price range is dominated by Chinese brands that provide excellent value for money. ISN audio made a wave with their H40 hybrid earphone, both buyers and consumers were impressed by […]

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