Product Launch: Shanling M6 Pro

We’ve all been introduced to Shanling by now, the brand has been making waves with their stylish DAPs in addition to an ever-expanding lineup of IEMs and BT receivers. All are underpinned by strong value and a focus on superlative design. With the M6, Shanling sought to provide a more premium experience, working upon the […]

October 7: Noble Audio – The Wizard is Back

The birth of a new CIEM company is not something we see every day, but – joy of joys – today signals the official launch of Noble Audio. Noble’s starting lineup includes 3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, and 10(!)-driver models shelled in acrylic, as well as 3-, 4-, and 5-driver models shelled in silicone. It seems that […]

August 26: Headset versions of the Rock-It Sounds IEMs now available

Headset versions of the Rock-It Sounds R-20, R-30, and R-50 are now available. Dubbed the R-20M, R-30M, and R-50M, respectively, the new earphones add a single-button remote and microphone and are priced $5-10 above their non-headset counterparts. I found the three original models to each be a great value without the headset functionality and it’s good to […]

August 23: New CIEM from Lime Ears offers a sound signature switch

Poland-based CIEM manufacturer Lime Ears has announced a new version of their flagship triple-driver earphones. Dubbed the LE3SW, the earphones incorporate a switch that allows the user to switch between the sound signatures of the more neutral LE3 and bassier LE3B models (both of which we’ve reviewed here). Pricing seems very reasonable – at a mere […]

August 20: New earphones from EarSonics coming in September

A recently-released teaser image from EarSonics shows a new universal-fit earphone and promises an official announcement in mid-September. No additional info was provided but it appears to be a triple- or quad-balanced armature setup in an acrylic shell. Will EarSonics be offering a universal version of one of their higher-end custom monitors or is this […]