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The Ni represents a versatile upgrade, bolstering dedicated sources with huge power and lowering the output impedance of low-quality ones.
The NT-8 secures itself as a firmly TOTL earphone and it has a neutrally toned tuning realised through remarkable technical ability and tact.
The Phantom is the daily flagship, free of fatigue and always hiding a new nuance in plain sight for the listener to discover.
The rare creation that suites its purpose to a T.
The Noble Gold X Silver suits IEM users searching for improved linearity, dynamics and an enhanced sense of openness while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive form factor.
Though unorthodox in ergonomics and construction, the SB-7 has top-level resolution and micro-detail that enable it to retain perfect composure on the most demanding tracks.
The SA-50 impresses with its balanced signature, great resolving power and immense passive noise isolation.
It isn’t balanced, but Campfire Audio’s Atlas is undeniably an impressive and truly courageous creation executed with mastery.
The Redcore suits buyers looking to augment their IEM with vocal presence and clarity, enhanced detail and higher resolution.

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