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The Copper+ is a complex and well-realised take on a copper custom cable defined by an especially wide stage, immaculate background and robust, powerful bass.
PLUSSOUND’s Exo Palladium-Plated Hybrid delivers open, airy, free-flowing musicality for near-perfect matchability with any high-end IEM.
The PPH is for the discerning listener looking to extract maximum performance from their high-end gear.
The Socrates showcases excellent refinement in its sound and design. It is not the most technical in Eletech’s line-up but finds wide synergy with its wide and dynamic presentation.
Who knew when you plate something in Palladium magic happens?
Plussound’s professional build quality and ultra compliant insulation realises a clean, controlled and detailed sound.
The Tri-Copper combines excellent ergonomics with a natural presentation, high resolving power and clean background.
The Redcore suits buyers looking to augment their IEM with vocal presence and clarity, enhanced detail and higher resolution.
A powerfully warm cable that is the salvation of some and the doom of others.

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