Product Launch: Sennheiser CX Budget True Wireless IEMs!

Sennheiser are one of those rare companies that bridge the gap between consumer and boutique audio with a vast range of products underpinned by sound German engineering. Their Momentum True Wireless while no longer so lauded, was at its time of inception, considered the pinnacle of true wireless audio. The CX true wireless continues this […]

Product Launch: xDuoo XD-05 BAL DAC/AMP

xDuoo’s XD-05 portable DAC/AMP put itself on the map for its reasonable pricing, high-end specification and generous power output. It’s been a few years since this product was launched and in true, xDuoo fashion, the company has been hard at work on a refresh that updates the specs and appends issues with the former. Welcome […]

Product Launch: Tanchjim Darling

Tanchjim made a name for themselves very quickly, the company is now widely renowned despite being just a years old. In particular, critics walked away impressed by the mature sound tuning and competitive pricing offered by their products. The Darling is their latest effort, the company’s first hybrid design with 1x DD and 2x Sonion […]

Product Launch: Singxer SA-1 Fully Balanced Amplifier Now Available on Apos Audio

Singxer may sound like a new name, but the company has been working tirelessly behind the scenes as an ODM/OEM for over a decade. While previously focusing on DACs, the SA-1 represents the company’s first amplifier design. It sports a fully balanced pure analogue class A design that promises an exceptionally clean signal with 126dB […]