If you enjoy a warm, lush tonality with a nice analogue fuzz, the Cappuccino comes across as an authentic offering at an accessible price point.

DITA Perpetua Review – Timeless

If you’re looking for a velvety sound that balances powerful bass with excellent midrange definition and timbre, the Perpetua is without equal.

Lavricables Ultimate V3 Cable Review – Sony Goes Silver

Lavricables is not a household name in aftermarket cables, but this low-profile company makes some of the finest pure silver cables on offer. Can the affordable Ultimate range compete with more fancied higher-end options? Let’s find out.

QoA Margarita review : Excellent all-rounder

There is a small chance that some of you guys might not have heard about this brand, QoA, short for “Queen of Audio”. They are a subsidiary of Kinera and have been making IEMs for the last few years, their most noteworthy IEM being the Mojito. It was a BA based IEM which was received […]

Eletech Ode To Laura Review – Zenith

Pros – Gorgeous two-tone design, Wide syngery, Beautifully textured vocals, Highly defined bass, Excellent three-dimensional imaging, Jet-black background Cons – Darker mid-treble won’t suit all pairings, Not as much sparkle and treble energy as many competitors Verdict – This isn’t a cable for treble-heads but if you enjoy a smooth yet articulate sound, you’d be […]

Astrotec AM850 mk2 Review : One of the of its class

Astrotec has been in the market for a while. They have been making a variety of IEMs and some of the best looking buds too. They have been very active with their entry level single DD IEMs but then suddenly they went under the radar for a few years and returned with higher end IEMs and […]

Sivga SV023 review: Superior all-rounder

INTRODUCTION: Hailing from China Sivga is known for their high quality headphones with a touch of wood in them. They raised their head a few years ago and have a handful of headphones under their belt. Sivga has been delivering eye-catching designs as well as intriguingly equipped headphones since their arrival. The Phoenix reviewed by […]

Beam 3 Plus Review : Winner with room for improvements

Demand for USB dongles is heating up and getting hotter day by day. New dongles are being introduced every week. Every brand which is associated with sources trying to have a say here. And then there are some brands that have been making USB devices for a while now. One of those makers is Audirect. They […]