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Lavricables is a real challenger in the silver headphone cable market. Will the same apply to the company’s flagship IEM cable?
DROP discounts their entire range of Sennheiser collaboration headphones! Deals inside!
Apos Audio launches their own line of hand-crafted headphone cables. Details inside!
Though its unique combination of qualities and thoughtful execution, the Phoenix is able to carve out a reasonably uncontested niche in the audio market for bass lovers who still value clear vocals and a spacious soundstage.
The M5-TWS Custom lies at the pinnacle of TWS sound quality, tuning and fit, but expect to pay a hefty premium to obtain it.
The 1More TWS ANC may not best market leaders, but gets very close for considerably less with a more technical sound on top.
The LCD-1 provides a balance of qualities and conveniences unmatched by immediate competitors.
The MTW2 is equipped for almost every situation the user could throw at them while retaining an insightful yet engaging sound.

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