Shanling UA5 : The best you can get

INTRO: If you know me, you must know that I am a huge supporter of Shanling ever since I got their yesteryear’s flagship DAP M5S. M5s was excellent with fantastic control and musical tuning. They followed it up with the M6 and it was the detail oriented DAP that got critical acclamation from both reviewers […]

Shanling M3X review: Cute and powerful

INTRODUCTION: I would like to believe that all of us are aware of Shnaling. They have been releasing products in a lot of catagories lately. They started with DAPs and now they are one of the best DAP makers in the market. They have ventured in to IEMs, BT and USB DAC/Amps. I have previously […]

Shanling UA1 USB DAC/Amp review

Known for their wide range of Digital Audio Players, I do not feel the need to introduce Shanling to my audiophile friends, we have seen Shanling evolve from a decent Chi-fi Brand to a Global brand with a lot of products under their portfolio. For those who aren’t very familiar with the brand, Shnaling has […]

Shanling ME700 and M8 Flagships Now Available on Apos Audio!

Shanling has come far as a DAP company and are now competing with the very best. The same can now be said for their IEMs who have increased in leaps and strides over the years. The new ME700 is their highest-end IEM design to date. It features a hybrid driver setup with one gold-plated DD […]

Shanling M6 review : Worth every penny

 All of us are aware of Shanling, one of the most recognized Chinese DAP maker who have a variety of DAPs, starting with M0 for entry level users to the M6 pro for more demanding users who want most out of their music with all bells and whistles like streaming options, BT connectivity and balanced […]

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