Shozy Elsa : Looks good, Sounds Complete

INTRO: Shozy is not a new brand, they have been making some of the best IEMs in various price ranges. They won me over with their Pola and Pola39 but the Form 1.1 wasn’t a slouch either. Shozy started to rise with the Zero, Hibiki was fantastic, Neo BG5 was a class apart and now […]

Final Audio A3000 & A4000 Review – Aberrant

Final Audio’s latest earphones offer unique qualities you won’t find recreated by competitors but also tonalities that differ from the majority. So long as this is to your preference, there is much to like about their detail retrieval and ability to play with space and clarity like few around this price point and well beyond.

BQEYZ Spring 1 Review – Split

The Spring 1 excels in its careful modulation of engagement and smoothness to deliver strong tri-frequency contrast while upholding a tasteful tone and midrange voicing.

Final E4000 & E5000 Review – Lushed Away

The Final Audio E4000 suits those wanting a natural, balanced earphone with good technical performance while the E5000 suits those wanting life-like timbre and a grand soundstage propagated by meaty notes.

Shozy CP Review – The Outlier

The CP introduces a highly natural and linear signature whilst retaining impressive technical ability and a very reasonable price tag.

Shozy Pola Earphone Review – Electrostatic Magic

GETTING STARTED:-  There are only a few brands in the market who maintains products in every price bracket, Shozy is one of them. Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, they have some of the most versatile products, starting from the new V33, their entry level iem priced at $60 to their upcoming Pola 39 at […]

Shozy Pola First Look

The POLA is one of the first electrostatic in-ear monitors and likely the most affordable. See it first on THL!

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