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Product Launch: Cayin N7 DAP with 1-Bit DAC!

Cayin has made some of the most renowned DAPs on the market and has a been pioneer of DAC technologies such as their R-2R DAPs and Dongles. Continuing that ethos, the company continues to innovate with the release of their new N7 DAP featuring an industry-first 1-bit DAC circuit with 4-rails of resistor network. The […]

Vision Ears Elysium: There Can Be Only One

Disclaimer: Vision Ears loaned me a universal version of Elysium for the purposes of this review. Vision Ears’ Elysium is truly unique among IEMs, a fellow reviewer told me “Nothing sounds like the Elysium”, I agree with his statement.  Elysium features a single balanced armature driver for the lows, a single dynamic driver for the […]

Deal Alert: Darkvoice 336SE Tube Headphone Amp Hits Lowest Price Ever!

The Darkvoice 336SE is an affordable tube amplifier designed to provide clear sound and amplification. It has enough power for high impedance headphones and hot-swappable tube slots to adjust the sound to listener preference. Apos are currently running a sale of the Darkvoice, at just $259.99 USD, making it the cheapest price this AMP has […]