UM Mext : Musical and Lovable

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for me, the ups and downs would have been worse if I I weren’t in the company of my closed ones and these beautiful IEMs. I have been working on some of the most exciting IEMs around the price tag of $1000 and very recently finished my reviews of […]

Soft Ears Cerberus Review – Analogue Reimagined

Should you enjoy a balanced and spacious sound with excellent control throughout, the Cerberus makes for a unique and immensely rewarding listen and continues to surprise after every hour of listening.

BQEYZ Summer review : very likable

INTRODUCTION: All of us who are interested in budget chi-fi earphones must have heard about BQEYZ, pronounced BQ eyes, they are one of the most popular chi-fi brands in the market, especially in the sub $100 region. With earphones like KB100, KC2 and K2 they have a very good reputation when it comes to price […]

Tri i3 pro review : Easy to recommend

INTRODUCTION: Tri audio is an extension of KBear but unlike the parent brand Tri brings more innovative and expensive IEMs with various setups and configurations. They start as low as $70 for the i4 and go as high as $800 for the Starlight. What I have here is revision to one of their most popular models […]

IMR Opus Mia review : The expansion king

IMR acoustics, known for their craftsmanship and tuning abilities have been making some of the best earphones in various price segments. Recently they have refreshed their lineup with 5th generation of earphones with their unique driver systems intact. IMR has adopted a newer design language too, it now has a slightly triangular back plate with […]

BQEYZ Spring 1 Review – Split

The Spring 1 excels in its careful modulation of engagement and smoothness to deliver strong tri-frequency contrast while upholding a tasteful tone and midrange voicing.

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