Product Launch: Sennheiser CX Budget True Wireless IEMs!

Sennheiser are one of those rare companies that bridge the gap between consumer and boutique audio with a vast range of products underpinned by sound German engineering. Their Momentum True Wireless while no longer so lauded, was at its time of inception, considered the pinnacle of true wireless audio. The CX true wireless continues this […]

Product Launch: Master & Dynamic MW08!

Master & Dynamic really hit it out of the park with their industrial designs which have cemented them as a main player in the portable headphone market. Their TWS offerings too were nothing to scoff at, often being early adopters of the latest codecs and standards of each generation. Their MW08 continues this legacy, building […]

Product Launch: Google Pixel Buds Go Live in Australia

We’ve embraced the TWS form factor here on THL for its convenience and, in some cases, surprisingly strong sound quality you can take on the go. Google made a later entry into this market with their first revision Pixel Buds. Unfortunately, that model experienced a rather difficult start due to its antiquated design and subpar […]

ADV. M5 TWS Review – Rejoice

The M5 TWS joins the select elite of TWS earphones, offering class-leading resolution, a proper soundstage and very strong if not quite perfect balance.

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