Tripowin Rhombus Review : An Excellent First Upgrade

INTRO: There are a lot of brands in the market with plenty on offer and still this market is seeing new players fighting to make their presence felt and Tripowin is one of those brands. They are fairly new to this scene and not only have good quality IEMs but a few of their IEMs […]

Moondrop Aria Review – Reimagined

Moondrop’s latest earphone appends complaints with their former design whilst retaining benchmark level tonal refinement at a substantial price cut.

Flare Jet 3 review : Not just about the Bass..

Flare audio a British company that take pride in its tuning abilities and hearing protectors. They have an appropriate motto for their brand too “LONG LIVE EARS”. Anyone who has been paying attention can remember the Flare Pro IEMs and the new Flare Pro 2HD IEMs being their flag bearers and their most loved IEMs. […]

DUNU DUW02 and Chord Review : Cant go wrong with these

We all are aware of DUNU the makers of the legendary DN-2001 and DK-3001. They are making a lot of waves with their latest flagship LUNA, their beryllium driver IEM which is priced at over $1500. What they don’t promote a lot is their array of aftermarket cables. Even before their resurgence last year (with […]

Fiio F9 Review – Making Waves

For a reasonable price, Fiio provide buyers with an excellent housing, balanced capability and a resolving V-shaped sound.

Fiio Q1 MKII Review – Balance and Harmony

The Q1 MKII is a fine upgrade to even the more distinguished smartphones out there. It’s excellent build, compact design and clean but musical sound make it a perfect on the go companion.

Shozy Hibiki Review – Vox Populi

Shozy’s affordable in-ear makes for a strong investment perhaps not due to sound alone, but the culmination of a build, features and pricing that all make the Hibiki Shozy’s most versatile earphone yet.

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