Sivga Robin SV021 review : Very Capable

INTRODUCTION: Sivga, originating from China has been making some of the most talked about headphones of recent times. They raised their head a couple of years ago and have a handful of headphones under their belt. Sivga has been delivering eye-catching designs as well as intriguingly equipped headphones since their arrival. The Phoenix reviewed by […]

Tri i3 pro review : Easy to recommend

INTRODUCTION: Tri audio is an extension of KBear but unlike the parent brand Tri brings more innovative and expensive IEMs with various setups and configurations. They start as low as $70 for the i4 and go as high as $800 for the Starlight. What I have here is revision to one of their most popular models […]

Akoustyx R220 review : Straight to the point

INTRODUCTION: Akoustyx, most of us might not have heed about this brand but some if us must have heard about “Rockit sound”. The Rockit R50 was one of the best dual BA based IEMs 4-5 years ago along with the Q-jays, DBA-02 and ATH-IM02. Rockit is now, Akoustyx. They changed their portfolio, they came up […]

IKKO OH10 and OH1 review: Still have it

INTRODUCTION: IKKO is one of those brands which exploded into the audiophile scene. They did not come up with a lot under their belt but has two very good IEMs with consumer oriented tunings. Both the OH10 and OH1 have done exceptionally well all across the world and is one of the hottest selling earphone […]

Final Audio A3000 & A4000 Review – Aberrant

Final Audio’s latest earphones offer unique qualities you won’t find recreated by competitors but also tonalities that differ from the majority. So long as this is to your preference, there is much to like about their detail retrieval and ability to play with space and clarity like few around this price point and well beyond.

Product Launch : Hisenior Febos Fe3U

IEM market is still on the rise, demand for good quality “Value for Money” earphone is growing every day. Chinese brands are leading the way with a lot of new entries into the market. Those who existed are introducing earphone in new price brackets and different target consumers. HiSenior has been making a lot of […]

Product Launch: Fiio Q3 Affordable THX AAA DAC/AMP!

We’re all likely familiar with Fiio by now. The company has achieved unanimous recognition around the globe for their products that balance features and affordability. The value offered by their source devices, in particular, was reinforced when they adopted THX’s AAA amplifier circuits that boosted efficiency and measurable performance. The Q3 is their latest portable […]

Product Launch: Topping A50s Balanced Headphone Amplifier!

Topping has been hitting it out of the park with their latest releases that piggybacked on their very impressive NFCA amp modules that enable excellent measurable performance. Most impressively perhaps is that the company has transplanted this technology into their affordable offerings; we recently took a look at the entry-level L30 and found it to […]

BGVP DH3 review -Different from the Crowd

I have been working on a handful of earphones lately, BGVP has dominated my list of IEMs along with ISN at this point of time. BGVP has a whole lot of IEMs in most of the price brackets, starting at $30 going as high as $1499. BGVP is better known for their BA based earphones […]

ISN D10 review : Love of bass and different other things

With a lot of brands coming out into the IEM scene buyers have a lot of options these days and the budget to mid range price range is dominated by Chinese brands that provide excellent value for money. ISN audio made a wave with their H40 hybrid earphone, both buyers and consumers were impressed by […]

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