Oukitel WP19 World’s Most Powerful Outdoor Rugged Smartphone Available Now Globally

Oukitel announced the released global premiere sale date for the WP19 outdoor rugged smartphone early this month. Now, this world’s biggest battery phone is available on AliExpress with more than 50% off discount. Buy Oukitel’s newest smartphone WP19 now, you can get one at the global premiere sale price of $254.99 only! This lowest price […]

Effect Audio : Signature Series Review

INTRO: Effect Audio, a name we associate with quality and elegance has been really active in the audiophile market, launching high end IEMs and cables. But this time around, they are introducing a new set of cables with the Signature Series which consists of 3 cables. Introducing ARES S, CADMUS and EROS S. Last time […]

Tri Audio TK2 : Does it make you hum?

INTRO: It’s not new for IEM makers to venture into sources. Mostly it’s the other way around in our community. Fiio and Shanling started with DAPs but now they have a well developed IEM range. Tri audio here has done a similar thing but they went from being an IEM brand to maker of an […]

Lavricables Master Line IEM cable review

This audiophile world we are in is so vast that we sometimes come across a handful of brands we have never heard of but have been in existence for much longer than some of us in this vast field. There are brands who doesn’t grab out attention only because they are not exactly looking to promote […]

Penon Serial : Musicality to the forth

Intro: From being one of the prolific online seller in the world to a cable then IEM brand, Penon has ventured deep into the Audiophile market. They have been making good amount of IEMs for various type of consumers. They have single DD to multi BA and multi hybrid IEMs under their belt and the […]

DUNU Falcon Pro : Clean and Mature

INTRODUCTION: DUNU has been one of the most accomplished brands from Chinese origin which has a full array of IEMs in every price bracket. DUNU has been making IEMs for long. They started making IEMs as early as first decade of this millennium. They shot to fame Back in 2013 when I too was fascinated […]

Copplinn Alula Review : Unique & Lovely

INTRO: This audio industry is growing exponentially and everyone wants a piece of it. Existing brands are upping their ante while newer brands are introducing interesting and innovative technologies. Copplinn Sound and Engineered is a relatively new brand with a couple of IEMs under their belt. Copplinn is very confident about the Alula. It houses […]

CFA Satsuma and Honeydew review

INTRODUCTION: If you haven’t heard about Campfire Audio you might find it interesting to know that this as a brand has gained a lot of trust and following from every corner of this world. They initially were making IEMs under their parent company ALO but later decided to branch their IEMs under “Campfire Audio”. Torch bearer for […]

Product Launch : Copplinn Alula

Copplinn Sound and Engineered is a relatively new brand with a couple of IEMs under their belt. Copplinn is very confident about the Alula. It houses a single Liquid Silicone Driver which has a thickness of just 0.1mm. According to Copplinn it delivers Best Woofer and Full-Band Sound Quality with an IPX8 protection. Copplinn has […]

Penon ORB review : Engaging and lovely.

Just like some other Chinese stores penon had also jumped into the IEM market a few years ago but their recently launched ORB has been making plenty of waves in the audiophile market. After the success of the Sphere which was received well both critically and commercially they had to up the ante and added […]

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