BGVP DM7 review : Impressive

It has been a few years since we have been introduced to a lot of IEM brands from China. They not only make some of the best value for money IEMs, they too make some of the best sounding IEMs in their respective price range. Lots of brands have tried their hand at gaining popularity […]

DUNU DUW02 and Chord Review : Cant go wrong with these

We all are aware of DUNU the makers of the legendary DN-2001 and DK-3001. They are making a lot of waves with their latest flagship LUNA, their beryllium driver IEM which is priced at over $1500. What they don’t promote a lot is their array of aftermarket cables. Even before their resurgence last year (with […]

DUNU DK2001 Review:- One Must Have One*

 Dunu has been one of the most talked about earphone brands since the inception of their hybrid system earphones DN-1000 and DN-2000/j. These two earphones took their market share sky high. Everyone wanted to get one of these. These two earphones made way for their DK series of earphones with re-designed shells and cables. The […]

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