Campfire Audio Mammoth Review : Well rounded

INTRODUCTION: Campfire audio, enough for an introduction to the article. This brand needs no introduction. they have been one of the most dominant IEM brands and their Solaris and Andromeda are regarded as some of the best IEMs one can but in their respective price bracket. Campfire Audio has been busy lately. They came up […]

LXear Maze 4 review : Nothing confusing about it

LX-ear, does not sound very familiar to most of us but things are about to change. They are a CIEM brand from Romania who have had a whole array of BA based earphones starting with single BA IEMs such as Jupiter and Moon, maxing out with their 7BA flagship Saturn. We barely are aware of […]

Little Dot CU-Cen – The Torch bearer

Little Dot, a chi-fi brand which is mostly associated with desktop DAC/Amps has come up with a whole line-up of earphones ranging from $88 to $720 named after Runic alphabets. The entry level, straight barrel, CU-Rad ships with a single dynamic driver and non-detachable cable is sensibly priced at $85. The CU-Wyn has a single […]

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