Playmate with V6 vivid OP-amp – Expanding the horizon.

Burson playmate is a fantastic DAC/Pre amp in its own, it is one of the best sounding DAC/AMP with ESS9038 chip at the center but I still had a couple of basic complains about the imaging and stage. The mid range is like a fairytale with exceptional amount of details and clarity which is helped […]

Product Launch: Shanling M6 Pro

We’ve all been introduced to Shanling by now, the brand has been making waves with their stylish DAPs in addition to an ever-expanding lineup of IEMs and BT receivers. All are underpinned by strong value and a focus on superlative design. With the M6, Shanling sought to provide a more premium experience, working upon the […]

A First Look: Stealth Sonics C9 Pro

A first look at Stealth Sonics’ brand new flagship with all-new BAs, heightened output and a smooth, organic, full-bodied signature with technical chops to boot.

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