UM Mext : Musical and Lovable

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for me, the ups and downs would have been worse if I I weren’t in the company of my closed ones and these beautiful IEMs. I have been working on some of the most exciting IEMs around the price tag of $1000 and very recently finished my reviews of […]

64audio Duo Review : Sonic excellence

GETTING STARTED WITH: 64audio, formerly known as 1964 ear is one of the oldest IEM brands I looked forward to, they had a V6 and Joker’s praise were more than enough to win my heart. Since then a lot has changed. This American brand has gone through a lot of changes. It still is one […]

Dorado 2020 review : A proper evolution

INTRODUCTION: Campfire Audio, nothing else needed in this introduction. It’s a brand that explains itself. Andromeda, Solaris, Ara run the show for Campfire but they have had another upper mid range hybrid IEM priced at $1099, yes, exactly same as the Andromeda. It has a more comfortable ceramic shell and a brass nozzle with PVD […]

Aural definition Pro 5 : Serious Sam

INTRO:- Aural Definition is a new entrant in this ever growing audiophile market. They are based in the Philippines and are up with a healthy lineup of IEMs. They have a couple of BA based IEMs and a full array of EST based IEMs. Kyrios and Kyrios Pro have been hugging the limelight. All of […]

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