Beam 3 Plus Review : Winner with room for improvements

Demand for USB dongles is heating up and getting hotter day by day. New dongles are being introduced every week. Every brand which is associated with sources trying to have a say here. And then there are some brands that have been making USB devices for a while now. One of those makers is Audirect. They […]

Shanling UA5 : The best you can get

INTRO: If you know me, you must know that I am a huge supporter of Shanling ever since I got their yesteryear’s flagship DAP M5S. M5s was excellent with fantastic control and musical tuning. They followed it up with the M6 and it was the detail oriented DAP that got critical acclamation from both reviewers […]

EarStudio HUD100 MK2 review – Excellent sound

Along with the IEMs, demand for USB DAC/AMPs are experiencing a huge boom these days. There are a lot of brands trying to jump into the band wagon with whatever they have. Some of them are really cheap and some of them are slightly on the expansive side. Most of the cheaper dongles are a […]