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The Avant offers sensational bass performance and a vibrant, engaging and toe-tapping sound that still upholds excellent balance with a functional tuning switch on top.
The Blessing 3 offers performance that was once only available in the kilo-buck price range now but is now well within the reach of the average audiophile.
While the Stellaris’ efficiency and sound ergonomics seem to appeal to broad consumers, its polarising tuning means it inevitably comes across as more of a proof of concept rather than a versatile daily driver.
The 109 Pro boasts market-leading comfort alongside a vibrant sound signature that doesn’t overstay its welcome but injects music with a joie de vivre that hooks upon first listen and continues to engage thereafter.
A decade ago, the prospect of squeezing Audeze’s full range of technologies in a compact in-ear form factor would have passed as an appropriate April fool’s joke. The Euclid offers a balanced sound with excellent listenability, imaging and definition.
The Bathys offers excellent balance and great listenability on the foundation of a tight note presentation and extended, nuanced top-end. These qualities scale further with a wired connection and the tonality is just as charming whether ANC is on or off.
If you’re looking for a velvety sound that balances powerful bass with excellent midrange definition and timbre, the Perpetua is without equal.
Ergonomics and build perform at the highest level and its sound is engaging yet tasteful, retaining overall balance. It is my pleasure to recommend the ONYX for those wanting an engaging midrange IEM.
The D8000 Pro meticulously balances summit-fi technicality with an inviting, balanced and genre-flexible tonality that I haven’t yet heard in such equal measure.
This is a beautifully formed, truly masterclass basshead-style IEM and while that means it falls behind market leaders in versatility, on tracks where it hits, be ready for a home run.

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