The Beauty in Unpretension – A Review of the DITA The Dream XLS


DITA Audio provided the Dream XLS on loan for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

DITA the Dream XLS sells for $2,299.

For a company still new to the audiophile industry, DITA Audio has made an impact. Their philosophy of using a single dynamic driver, high-end materials, and expert craftsmanship has birthed in-ear monitors which have already earned legendary renown.

Two years ago I reviewed DITA’s first iteration on The Dream, giving it very high praise indeed. Now I tackle The Dream XLS, their newest flagship.

Where the original Dream looked and felt rugged and almost militaristic, the XLS is refined and luxurious. Gone is the raw, textured steel, replaced with polish and sheen. Thankfully, DITA did not sacrifice build quality for aesthetic. The XLS is just as sturdy and heavy as the original, and you’ll have to go to extremes to break it.

In my review of The Dream, I expressed, perhaps, more than mild distaste for their cable.

“I HATE the Truth cable. I hate it with the heat of a dying star gone supernova. It is so heavy, stiff, and springy, I nearly foreswore DITA on the whole. The truth of the Truth is it does not want to be worn. It fights you every step of the way. If I were forced to choose between The Dream with this cable, or say, the $99 IT01, this thing would not have gotten much use these past 10 days. I may not sound very “audiophile” to you right now, but I couldn’t be more honest.”

When they read my review, they did not berate me or demand I rewrite it. DITA’s very own Desmond Tan told me they too hated the cable, and were researching ways to improve it, without abandoning the standards they sought.

I’m glad to say, their new cable is outstanding. It’s light and malleable, easy to forget, and doesn’t distract from the listening experience in any way. I have felt zero compulsion to switch it out for a different cable. Which for me is a HUGE victory.

Congratulations DITA! Well done!

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