The Gleam of a Razor

Due to the vaguely bright nature of the Edition M, these headphones find their ideal pairing with warmer sources.

The iBasso DX220 with AMP9 ($899 + $250, Review HERE) is utterly splendid for this profile. The DAP on its own is already mildly warm, but when paired with the Korg NuTubes of AMP9, it becomes something special. Fathomless depth and profound richness give Ultrasone everything it’s missing, filling in all the holes, so to speak.

Cayin’s new N3Pro ($500) is a stout little bastard, with ample warmth and a strong, bold character. It also possesses the option to turn on a set of Korg’s vacuum tubes. Unfortunately, in my unit at least, this leads to a humming sound after a few minutes of tube use. However, in solid state, there’s no such humming, and it’s more than warm enough to take some of the cold out of the M+.

The Shanling M5 ($409, Review HERE remains a stalwart pillar of affordable, warm perfection. It is so lush and musical, whilst effortlessly conveying all the clarity you could ever need. It bolsters the Edition M’s strengths, and aids it where it’s weak. This is a match made in heaven.



Pinky Powers

Pinky Powers

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