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The High Call of Distant Pipes – A Review of the Klipsch R-14PM

Klipsch provided the R-14PM free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

The R-14PM sells for $399 MSRP

When Jill Escol asked if I would review their new powered monitors, I hesitated. Then I thought, “Why the f**k not?” It isn’t as though The Headphone List only reviews headphones. And while I don’t see many speakers on our site, there’s really only one way to change that.

As Abraham Lincoln would say, “Be radical. Wear tall hats!”

The Klipsch R-14PM are on the slightly smaller side of the studio monitor standards. Which is great! Fits my setup perfectly. My desk was designed around the Emotiva Airmotiv 4s, and these Klipsch are more or less the same size.

Only the right speaker is “powered” however. The amp resides with it. A normal speaker cable then runs to the left monitor, which as far as I can tell, is utterly passive. Furthermore, the amp within the right speaker is not very robust. I could tell that just by the weight difference between it and my Emotivas. My 4s are HEAVY. The R-14PM is anything but. Indeed, I have to kick my Audio-GD NFB-28 up to Super Gain to get any sort of workable control over the volume.

What really sets these speakers apart from most studio monitors is they are Bluetooth 4.0 AptX capable. Simply open up BT connection on your smartphone or DAP, use the Klipsch remote to set the speakers for BT pairing, and your device should see them immediately. Connect, and you’re ready to go. You must use the remote to control volume, as your preamp is obviously no longer in play.

I must say, it all worked quite seamlessly. One evening I kicked back with a bourbon and streamed some of Dan Calin’s Hardcore History podcasts. It was lovely, relaxing, and educational.




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