The Mythical Strangeness Within – A Review of the MMR Homunculus

I performed much of my testing of Homunculus on Cayin’s newest DAP, the N3 Pro ($500). Its bold, yet reference tuning melds beautifully with the similar voicing of MMR’s monitor. Together, you enjoy a profoundly balanced, rich, and fulfilling soundscape at a reasonable price point. Well, reasonable for the audiophile game, at any rate.

However, if price is no object, the iBasso DX220 is a splendid step up ($899, Review HERE). Particularly with the AMP9 module, utilizing those Korg NuTubes. The pairing is so smooth and organic, with a deep, cavernous soundstage and pitch-black background. It is unquestionably a kingly setup, and one I highly recommend.

The iBasso DX160 ($500, Review HERE) is another way to go. This DAP is leaner in sound, and slightly brighter. If that’s you cup of tea, look no further. For me, personally, it didn’t play as well with Homunculus. These IEMs are already so neutral. They benefit most from a warmer, fuller source. But again, you may disagree. The DX160 is a powerhouse of clarity and detail, and may be exactly what you crave.

The Metal Magic Research Homunculus is true quality, and an excellent example of natural neutrality. It’s built strong, styled elegantly, and sounds exactly right, with no frequency disturbing the harmonious balance. I can’t say I’m surprised. My experience with JOMO Audio proved the wise philosophies motivating these folk, and MMR walks this same path. I gladly recommend not only Homunculus, but also Metal Magic Research, and look forward to seeing where they go from here.




Pinky Powers

Pinky Powers

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