Sudio Tolv True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones sells for $129 MSRP. Use code headphonelist for 15% off!

I’ve collected something like five True Wireless so far. My plan is to create a list (yes, one of THL lists) to give the readers an idea of what’s out there, and how they compare.

The Sudio Tolv is actually one of the least expensive, and quite possibly my favorite-sounding. The bass is emphasized, but only just enough for a little bit of fun. The treble is smooth and mature, while the mids are warm, full, and vibrant. Tolv delivers a balanced tone which is decidedly musical.

The shells are among the smallest, and thus one of the most ergonomic of the bunch. I find it tying HiFiMAN for most comfortable.

Only the case disappoints in any way. It works. It does its job. But it’s a little finicky, and lacks the overall quality of some of the bigger brands, like Klipsch and Sennheiser.