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The Yokes of Our Choosing – A Review of the Klipsch X12 Neckband

Klipsch provided the X12 Neckband for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

The X12 Neckband sells for $399 MSRP
X12 on Amazon

As promised, a positive Klipsch Review! If you’ll recall, I was not overly fond of their Reference Over-Ear. It had its strengths, but those weaknesses were far too great, and I came down rather hard on the poor thing. And rightly so! Luckily, the other item they sent me offends not one iota of Pinky’s sensibilities. It is a solid motherf**king product, and one I’ve enjoyed using more or less every day since it arrived.

I did not request a Bluetooth headset. In fact, I was interested in the X20 to go along with the ROE headphones. But Jill Escol of Klipsch wanted their Neckbands reviewed, and I figured, “Hell, why not?” In truth, I’ve wanted to hear the X12 since way back when it was known as the X10. The Klipsch R6 was my first-ever audiophile product, and introduced me to this world. I still have the X7i, which I use from time to time. So I quite naturally wanted to know what the higher-end models had to offer.

This thing exudes luxury. The case is a soft, suede-like material. There’s leather and steel and sturdy, rubber plastics. A microphone for calls, a play/pause button, as well as forward and back. All with a high-quality feel. You are pampered by the level of care they put into the X12 Neckband.

It has the kind of reassuring weight only something well-built can pull off. Since all this weight rests round your shoulders, instead of sitting on your head or hanging from your ears, you barely notice it. The part that does hang from your ears is impossibly light and comfortable. The X10, X11, and X12 IEMs from Klipsch are famous for being some of the smallest, if not the smallest, IEMs ever wrought by man. Their size, along with those brilliant oval ear tips, makes these so goddamn easy to forget you’re wearing.

I will listen to these sometimes up to four hours at work, with absolutely no discomfort. Because I am fortunate enough to have such amazing audio gear, and always something new to test out, the X12 doesn’t see a lot of music. Instead, it’s my go-to solution for podcasts and audiobooks. This is f**ked up and a damn shame, because it handles music so very well. Alas, the life of a reviewer; there’s always something else to listen to.

But let’s explore just how good these things are at reproducing a melody…



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