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Time, Toil, and Treasure – A Review of the DUNU DK-3001 Pro

DUNU provided the DK-3001 Pro free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

The DK-3001 Pro sells for $469
DUNU on Amazon

I struggle to conjure the words to express how deeply I vibe with the original DK-3001. That signature… that tone… it completes me. If you recall, I had some complaints against it. The design and ergonomics needed work. And I didn’t love the cable. Pinky gave it to them straight: If DUNU could overcome these obstacles, and maintain that sound, they would have a true gem on their hands.

I hate to spoil the review, but they did it.

The shells of the DK-3001 Pro are wrought of sturdy stainless steel. It’s every bit as tough as the original, yet the Pro is smoothed out even more, without the sharper ridges that could be painful to some ear shapes, like mine. I find these far easier to pop in and get a comfortable fit, and infinitely more suited to long listening sessions. DUNU harkened to our squawks and innovated with fervor. I tip my hat to their team.

The old cable for the 3K1 was quite the beast, being heavy, rubbery, and rather unpleasant to wrangle. The new one is the perfect model of modern ergonomics and versatility. It has module termination, allowing you to choose between 3.5mm TRS, 3.5mm TRRS, 2.5mm TRRS, and 4.4mm TRRRS. The thing never fights you and disappears from your conscious. I am a big fan of what they’ve created.

DUNU has moved on from the battlefield-ready pelican-style hard-shell carry-case. Now they offer a handsome leather pouch. I suspect the community will be split over this. Perhaps some folk take a lot of artillery fire, day to day. For me, however, I prefer the leather cases and pouches which have grown in popularity of late. They’ve proven more than enough to protect my gear. I have yet to see one damaged.



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