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TOPPING releases the DX7 Pro, improving on the DX7S plus initial impressions

The all new TOPPING DX7 Pro is the third product in the DX7 lineup, replacing the DX7S.  Specs of the DX7 Pro improve upon the already impressive specs of the DX7s with the ESS flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, an IIS input, and a 4.4mm balanced output. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 functionality and support LDAC HD audio, aptX, and aptX HD audio among others.

Outputs of the DX7 Pro provide use as a pure DAC, a DAC and Pre Amp combo, a bluetooth headphone amp or DAC, and can even be connected to media players, mobile phones, or tablets. It comes with a remote control for ease of use but at the same time allows DIYers to roll Op-Amps to tweak the sound.

Apos Audio has provided a review sample to Pinky, who will be writing a full review in the near future.  Here are his initial thoughts:

The DX7 Pro is a wonderfully compact and tidy device, with extraordinarily big sound, full notes, and decisive impact right out of the box. Even on Low Gain, it has no trouble driving the Audeze LCD-3, and together producing a refined, articulate experience that sounds absolutely right.

Time spent with the DX7 Pro so far has been wonderful. The density and detail of the rendering is most impressive. And it does this without succumbing to brightness. There is, in fact, a shade of warmth and naturalness, all while achieving awesome degrees of resolution.

I am, perhaps, even more impressed by how much they’ve packed into this little thing. Just look at the list of features. Between the sound, features, and price, Topping will be hard to beat.

For specs, additional product information, and/or to buy one for yourself, visit Apos Audio.





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