TSMR 4 Pro Review – Love and some more


VS Jomo Percusion($500):-

The Percusion is a basic hybrid earphone with one DD and two BA drivers but it is one of the best earphones for around $500. It has a much livelier sound with better contrast, dynamism and notes depth. Compared to the 4 pro it is on the brighter side.

The Percusion has a dynamic driver and it delivers a lot deeper and thumpier lower end. The sub-bass have a lot more rumble and the mid bass moves more air with a bigger slam. Notes are fuller and weightier. The overall decay speed is marginally slower but it feels a lot more natural and enjoyable. Mid range might be slightly in the V but it has a bit more energetic finish to notes and is equally good with tonality and timber. Notes are slightly leaner giving a sense of better agility. The upper treble is typical to hybrids and delivers a more exciting array of notes, energetic and resolving. The treble is same case, it is more agile and lively with more spark and energy while maintaining very good amount of energy with deeper treble frequencies.

VS Avara AV3 ($340):-

The AV3 is one of the best IEMs when it comes to pure sound quality. Equipped with 3BA drivers it is one of the most detail oriented IEMs.

The biggest difference can be observed with the imaging. The 4 pro has a much more directional projection, all the music and vocals are placed inside a well rounded stage, the vocals are dynamically placed depending on the demand of the track, the notes are not very tall either but the AV3 has immersive vocal notes with greater height, it is a lot more engaging with a bit more sharpness. What the AV3 misses out on is the dynamic placement, the vocals are a bit more intimate and are rarely placed father out of the head. Stage size of the AV3 is bigger in every direction and has slightly better air between the instruments thanks to more precise notes body.

Another discipline where the AV3 loses out on is the bass body and rumble, the 4 pro is not very grunty or rumbly, the AV3 has smaller volume but the impact leaves a more lasting impression. Everywhere else except the smooth and lush factors the AV3 is a step ahead of the 4 pro. It has a better sense of transparency. Don’t confuse it with details, both have equal amount of details but the AV3 has more energy giving the note a shiny touch. Notes have better energy across the spectrum. Treble feels livelier and even though the extension is not of the endless type it holds up better.

Fibae 3 ($580) :-

Fibae 3 is the master of this realm when it comes to natural timber and tonality. The 3 BA IEM has something no one else can emulate, the excellent balance of details and musicality. The 4 pro tried to emulate that but falls a bit short with thicker notes and darker treble in comparison.

The Mighty Fibae 3 has better sub-bass extension and rumble but the mid bass is more subdued, lacking a bit more body and slam. The transition phases are similarly flawless as the 4 pro. The mid range is slightly less forward compared to the 4 pro with the no.2 switch on but has a bit more accurate tonality and timber. Notes have better precision with body and weight, specially vocals. Upper mid and treble region have more energy compared to the mid range and has the endless type of extension. The Fibae 3’s treble region sucker punches the 4 pro without a single scratch on itself. The Fibae shows its superiority with technicality, precision and accuracy. The stage is much more dynamic too with excellent sonicality and cue placement. The only problem is the narrow width height and deeper depth, the 4 pro is much more rounded in this regard.

Both have the musical feel to them but the Fibae 3 lacks a bit of focus around the mid range and mid-bass, the 4 pro lacks a bit of prominence with the treble region.

VS Secret garden 3 ($359):-

The SG3 is a bit more energetic sounding IEM. It has slightly better notes transparency and a bit more energy resulting into a shinier imaging giving a feeling of better details. The SG3 has better notes depth and height.

Nevertheless the SG3 has similar switches to tune the sound and can be equally voluminous with lower end but the faster decay speed makes it lose some weight and thump. Sub-bass is slightly more rumble but mid bass is equally rounded. Mid range are a bit more forward and the instruments having more attack and bite. Vocals are slightly more precise but the texture is slightly missing on the SG3. Upper mid can be slightly more energetic. Treble region is brighter and more sparkly. The extension is similar though. Layering and separation is slightly cleaner thanks to faster notes.

Stage wise both are very similar, except the mid forwardness of the SG3 both are neck in neck.


The TSMR 4 pro is surrounded by a lot of competition but it has something unique too. Where everyone else is trying to deliver shinier and brighter notes the 4 pro takes a musical approach. It doesn’t miss out on a single bit of details but it doesn’t push the notes to their limit hence it has no harshness of any type. It makes even the sibilant tracks tolerable which none of the other IEMs can achieve. It has a lot of love in its mind with plenty a huge heart and will please someone who loves a good dose of bass, a cohesive mid range and slightly less attacking treble.

If you don’t want brightness and energetic notes the TSMR 4 pro is the best option without compromising on the level of details. Just sit back and enjoy the music.



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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