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Ultimate Ears Now Available on Apos Audio

Apos Audio is proud to announce they are now an authorised reseller for Ultimate Ears! If you’ve dabbled in the audio hobby in the past few years, you’d certainly have heard of the Californian company. They’ve had some sensational hits like the UE Reference and UE18+ that remain staple recommendations today. As always, Apos are offering an extended 2-year warranty, free returns and a 30-day lowest price guarantee.

You can browse Apos Audio’s UE collection here and read an excerpt about the company below:

Ultimate Ears has a legendary origin story. Founded in California during the mid-90s by the husband-and-wife team of Jerry and Mindy Harvey, Jerry Harvey was working as the principal sound engineer for Van Halen. Harvey was tasked with creating an earpiece for Alex Van Halen that would filter out unwanted stage noise during live performances and instead concentrate on the desired sounds that the drummer wanted (and needed) in order to play with the band. That initial creation for Van Halen spread by word-of-mouth and eventually became a line of bespoke In-Ear Monitors that would grace the ears of Paul McCartney to Coldplay, or The Rolling Stones to Faith Hill. 



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