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Unique Melody 3X and 2X hybrid in-ear monitors introduced


Unique Melody UK has just released the 3X and 2X hybrid universal in-ear monitors, and are offering a launch discount.  The 3X uses a single dynamic driver with 2 balanced armatures in a 3-way design while the 2X uses a single BA and single dynamic in a 2-way configuration.  The shells are made with 3D printing technology and are made similarly to the custom shells.  Pricing is £249 for the 3X and £199 for the 2X.

As with all hybrids I have seen, there is a vent, which is located on the side of the shell, facing up.  It is small and shouldn’t affect isolation too much.  The impedance is relatively low, so high impedance sources such as the original AK100, many Android phones, and other various amps and players will change the sound signature by rolling off the treble.  Also, the naming is very similar to the Westone universal name, UM3X, which is a completely different product.

Unique Melody UK has a launch promotion good for a £50 discount with promo code ‘UNIVERSAL50′ that is valid until December 31st, 2013.  I could not find any information about the 3X or 2X on any other Unique Melody pages, although a Google search did show results for the UM Vietnam Facebook page.  However, there was no actual information on the page.  It appears this may be a situation where UM UK developed the 3X and 2X on their own, so they sell it exclusively, which is similar to what HFi Japan did with Rooth for the LS8+ and LSX5.

The market now has some additional universal fit in-ears that have a custom style shell, but this time they are hybrids. 





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