Unique Melody launches 12-driver upgrade for JHAudio JH13/JH16 CIEMs with introductory discount


Unique Melody, manufacturer of custom in-ear monitors with offices around the world, has introduced an upgrade service for owners of JHAudio’s JH13 and JH16 monitors, which will modify either unit to 12-driver-per-earpiece monster a-la JHAudio’s own $1650 Roxanne model, adding 6 more Balanced Armatures to the 6-driver JH13 and 4 more to the 8-driver JH16.

Unique Melody 12-driver Reshell

Unique Melody 12-driver reshell with carbon fiber faceplates

According to Unique Melody, any version of JH13 or JH16 can be upgraded with this process.

The upgraded earphones will use standard 2-pin sockets, in contrast to the 4-pin proprietary connectors of JH Audio’s 12-driver Roxanne, and are said to sound like the Roxanne with its variable bass tuning set to “low”.

A new cable is not included in the price of the upgrade.

The 12-driver upgrade is priced at $750 for the JH13 and $650 for the JH16. However, a limited-time promotion knocks another $100 off the price and adds a free carbon fiber faceplate (if desired), making the prices $650 for the JH13 and $550 for the JH16. The promotional period ends on the 31st of October.

The JH13 and JH16 are excellent custom monitors, and the promise of additional improvement with the upgrade is interesting, to say the least. Plus, this may be an interesting way to give new life to an aging JH13 or JH16 (the former having been on the market for five years now).

Our reviews of the JH13 and JH16 can be found here and here.

The JH13/JH16 upgrade can be found on the Unique Melody website here.




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