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Unique Melody MEST mkII : Get one ASAP


There are a lot of Chi-fi brands in the market now and all of them trying get a foot hold in their respective price ranges. Most of these brands raised their heads recently. There are only a few Chi-fi brands which have been in the market for long. Unique Melody has been one of them. They have had a lot of legendary IEMs like Martian, Miracle, Mason and many more. Unique Melody is not only in the market for long, it has been in the fore front of innovation too. They brought out one of the earliest planar driver IEMs in ME1 back in 2017 and never backed out from making some innovative IEMs. Their 3DD-Ti was one of the earliest IEMs with 3 dynamic drivers. And now they have taken another step and came up with bone conduction drivers.

One of the most popular IEM with bone conduction units has been the MEST and now Unique Melody has come up with a revision of it. Aptly named as the MEST mk2, it has exactly same driver configuration having 1dd, 4BA, 2 EST and 1 bone conduction in a 5 way crossover design but has a more refined tuning. Of all the drivers, bone conduction unit has gained the most, it now has more magnitude. Unlike the 1st generation the mk2 has only one color option, carbon fiber body with golden flakes and is priced at $1499 for the universal version and the custom version is available at $1799.

If it were few months ago, I would have had a hard time comparing the MEST mk2 with anything similar. But now I will compare it with a variety of IEMs, from all BA drivers to a couple of Hybrid driver IEMs.

If you want a pair:


MEST mk2 comes in a taller double compartment cardboard box. It has the typical Unique Melody shape and packaging. Upon opening the case we are greeted with the Dignis premium blue leather case. The IEM and cable are placed inside it. There is a small compartment below it which contains a set of Xelastic Tips, 3 pair of comply tips, 3 pair of UM blue heart silicone tips, an USB warranty card, cleaning cloth and a magnetic earphone clip.


In my mind every IEM over $500 should come with a good looking and good sounding cable. When you pay over $1000+ you definitely should get a cable like the one which comes with the MEST mk2 called “UM copper M2”. It is a 24awg 4 core single crystal copper cable and one can opt for desired terminations when placing the order.

This is one of the best cable I have seen come out of an IEM’s retail package. Made in collaboration with PW Audio this has the premium feel most of us look for in any cable. It has the suppleness and flexibility eliminating most of the microphonics. The M2 has environment friendly PVC coating on the cable is soft and do not feel rigid or cheap to the touch. I definitely would have liked a less aggressive cable guides but thankfully it is shaped to hold tightly without asking for any adjustments. PW audio has used metal at every possible junction like jack, Y splitter, 2pin jack and even the cable slider is metal.


Build quality of the MEST mk2 is excellent and unique at the same time. This shell is made out of a single piece resin fused carbon fiber body and the golden flakes bring the unique touch. It has a mildly semi custom type body which sits inside the ear comfortably. The shell has a few layers of resin on it and feels solid to the hand. The overall build quality is very good. I will not dare to drop it on solid floor though. Unlike the 1st gen this time around we do not see the protruding 2pin socket.

MEST mk2 nozzle is slightly on the wider side, compatible with t4/500 size tips so fitting some narrow bore tips like Sont or final E type can be tough. The fit is not really deep but is deep enough to give a secure fit. The shell is of one of the best size, it is not big, not small and will nit most of the ears without any problem. The small wing design on the inner shell provides very good traction inside the ear. It has a single pressure releasing vent at the top of the face plate.

Sound and comparison in the next page..



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