Vision Ears VE5- The Valedictorian of the Midrange!

The Germans prove once again that they are the best engineers in the world

DC vs Marvel. The Warbler Prelude ($1099 USD) is less well-defined, but smoother. On wind instruments, for example, the VE5 has that punch-the-air sound, carefully outlining the contours of each breath. In contrast the Prelude is softer, and just seems to have different gradients of colour that appear and disappear seamlessly into the air.

The emotions on both IEMs are also portrayed differently. The Warbler Prelude tugs at your heartstrings, and you will feel the rising and the falling- the ebbing and the flowing- as you follow along the cadence of the song. On the other hand the VE5 is wide-open, stunning you with the air and tone and sheer virtuoso of each midrange note- like a controlled, well-rehearsed, do-no-wrong valedictorian.

The separation on the Warbler is just as good. It’s simply less perpendicular. Rather than being situated on a different canvas, the sounds on the Warbler are more subtle- they transition smoothly into one another, but you can still tell them distinctly apart.

Apart from the separation, the way notes are portrayed are also different. The VE5 creates a gorgeous cocoon of air around each note, adding decay and airiness to everything. The Warbler Prelude on the other hand, has more of an aura around each note- mellow and subtle.

Rhythmically the two are quite the yin and yang pairing. On the VE5 you can almost sense the musician looking intensely at his guitar. There’s a spotlight on him, and he’s in deep concentration. Brilliant. Every note is perfectly enunciated, articulated, and formed. In the Warbler, on the other hand, he’s toying with the rhythm, he’s improvising, things are changing from one verse to another. His eyes are closed, and he’s lost in the music.

Some other big differences between these two IEMs: generally, the VE5 is airier and more practiced, while the Warbler is smoother, and delivers more spontaneity and dynamism. The VE5 also has much better extension and decay in the bass. In fact, the VE5 is quite a top performer in this regard. The VE5 is also more versatile in the midrange, being equally adept at both male and female vocals and instruments of all stripes. On the other hand the Warbler comes across as faster and more detailed in the treble. You can also feel the buildup of the rhythm much better with the Warbler; and its bass punch is much more true. Straight into the heart- bullseye.

Technically-speaking, the VE5 wins. Subjectively, though, I find myself reaching for either one or the other when I’m in very different types of moods, listening to very disparate music.


An outstanding performer from the German company, Vision Ears. I’ve owned many IEMs, and this IEM absolutely stands out as a true mark of quality. I’ve saved this for the end to mention, but in terms of its build quality and craft, it is one of the only IEMs that I would consider a true luxury item.

Ultimately, the VE5 is a stunning example of top-notch German engineering, both in its physical build, and also its incredibly exact sonic performance.

Overall Score: 85-90 (Almost Perfect)



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