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VSonic GR07 Bass Edition

VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Review

VSonic GR07 Bass Edition
Reviewed May 2013

Details: Enhanced-bass version of VSonic’s GR07 mkII
MSRP: est. $179
Current Price: $129 from$129 from
Specs: Driver: Dynamic | Imp: 40Ω | Sens: 105 dB | Freq: 5-22k Hz | Cable: 4.3’ L-plug
Nozzle Size: 4mm | Preferred tips: Stock single-flanges; MEElec A151 single-flanges
Wear Style: Over-the-ear

Accessories (4/5) – Single-flange (3 sizes), Hybrid-style (10 sizes), and bi-flange silicone tips, foam tips, over-the-ear cable guides, and soft carrying pouch
Build Quality (4/5) – The build of the new GR07s matches the original quite closely, with similar housings and other hardware. The housings are designed for over-the-ear wear and feature adjustable-angle metal nozzles. The cord is a little bit softer but otherwise very similar to the original GR07 cable
Isolation (3.5/5) – Reasonably good for a dynamic-driver earphone
Microphonics (4.5/5) – Cable noise is very low as the GR07 can only be worn in the over-the-ear configuration. Although there is no shirt clip in the accessory pack, the cable cinch and ear guides can be used to fix the cord in place better
Comfort (4.5/5) – The earphone uses fairly large 11mm drivers but the lightweight, over-the-ear style housings actually work very well for prolonged listening with their slim profile, rounded edges, and adjustable-angle nozzles

Sound (9.1/10) – It’s been more than two years since the release of VSonic’s original dynamic-driver flagship, and yet the aging GR07 is still a standard I hold all new dynamic-driver earphones against. I skipped over the second revision of the GR07 – the GR07 mkII – which is said to remain very true to the sound of the original with some minor tweaks here and there. The GR07 Bass Edition, however, turned out to be different enough to check out.

The Bass Edition is advertised as having – surprise, surprise – more bass than the vanilla GR07. Comparing the Bass Edition to my two-year-old mkI GR07 unit presents far more similarities than differences, but the BE definitely does put more weight on the low end. Bass depth is good but the most noticeable change comes from the increased presence in the mid-bass region, which gives the BE a somewhat fuller, more impactful bass presentation. It still won’t do for proper bassheads, but those who found the original GR07 lacking slightly in the bass department but pleasant otherwise will be thrilled.

The midrange of the BE is very similar to that of the original GR07 – what differences there are all stem from the more prominent bass, which upsets the bass-midrange balance slightly in favor of the low end and makes the midrange sound a touch more recessed. Aside from that, it’s still the good old GR07 – clear, detailed, and open-sounding. Compared to the less expensive GR06, the GR07 BE very obviously sounds clearer, more natural, and less congested despite the greater bass presence.

Moving up into the treble, the GR07 BE again offers the familiar combination of energy and resolution. It’s very similar to my old GR07 here except a touch less sibilant, which is said to be the case for the GR07 mkII as well. The treble is still not as smooth as, for example, that of the Philips Fidelio S1 and S2 earphones but it’s definitely tolerable. The presentation, likewise, is largely unchanged compared to the original GR07, boasting good width and average depth for a spacious sound that is more distant compared to many other dynamic-driver earphones. As expected, instrumental separation is still good and the GR07 BE still provides crisp and detailed sound without sounding “analytical”.

THL Recommended Badge 2014Value (9.5/10) – While it does not deviate from the feature set of the original GR07, the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition does deliver exactly what it promises – the clear, detailed sound of the popular GR07 with a bump in bass quantity. The bass boost is nothing drastic – bassheads will still find the GR07 BE lacking and fans of more balanced sound still won’t be offended by it. On balance, the more consumer-friendly signature is an asset precisely because the difference is mild enough to retain the strengths of the still-popular GR07. Those seeking a direct upgrade from the GR07 should look elsewhere but for everyone else the GR07 BE is among the most capable sets in its price range.

Pros: A slightly more consumer-friendly take on the familiar GR07 sound; same fit, design, and functionality
Cons: Mildly sibilant on some tracks





Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


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  1. Hi Joker

    I bought a pair of GR07 bass (with detachable cable) about a year ago. I loved the sound signature but unfortunately the left MMCX connector (on the driver unit not on the cable) is almost broken. It’s been very loose and even after replacing the cable, the contact loss between cable and driver occurs on occasion. I have two choices: buy a new GR07 bass or buy the new flagship the GR09. Which one do you suggest? Any impressions on GR09? I’m a bit disappointed about the build quality of the new GR07 bass…


  2. Hi Joker

    I bought a pair of GR07 bass (with detachable cable) about a year ago. I loved the sound signature but unfortunately the left MMCX connector (on the driver unit not on the cable) is almost broken. It’s been very loose and even after replacing the cable, the contact loss between cable and driver occurs on occasion. I have two choices: buy a new GR07 bass or buy the new flagship the GR09. Which one do you suggest? Any impressions on GR09? I’m a bit disappointed abput the build quality of the new GR07 bass…


  3. Hi Joker,

    Been reading your work for quite some time now and finally decided to ask for a recommendation. i have an LG G6+ solely for the ESS Sabre DAC feature. as per my own experience, lg g6 has very analytical sound with non existent bass and slightly more treble. i use two iem with it . Fiio F5 and Xiaomi triple driver pro HD (hybrids). i like fiio f5 sound better as it is much more full bodied then mi hybrids. i am looking for an upgrade from the fiio sound. tried fiio f9 pro but sounded harsh with lg.
    currently, i am looking into these models as Ali Express has a sale on them.
    Soundmagic E80
    Ostry KC06A

    any recommendation from the above or else is highly appreciated,
    many thanks and regards.

  4. Hi Joker!

    I’ve had the GR07 BE ever since this review was published, and I love them to bits! Their sound is just perfect for me. In fact I’ve stopped reading IEM reviews since I felt I found the perfect IEM for me.

    I have an issue though: I think my ears are sensitive and I just can’t find any IEMs (or tips – I’ve tried many!) comfortable for long periods of time. They always get itchy and start annoying me after a while. So I’ve been thinking about getting customs, but I’m worried about spending allot of money and then not liking the sound signature. So I’ve considered buying a new pair of GR07 BE and putting them in a custom sleeve, but then I’m worried about the cable falling apart (hasn’t happened to me but seems like a common issue).

    What do you think? Do you reckon they are worth sleeving? Are there any customs that you could recommend as an upgrade?

    Thanks so much!

  5. GR07 BE is pretty competitive with the VSD3S in bass response, I doubt you will find it lacking.

    Don’t think you need an amp for it, at this level it’s better to spend on the headphones itself than other parts of the chain.

    GR02 BE will sound quite unrefined and boomy coming from VSD-series earphones, I wouldn’t bother.

  6. By the looks of things, I guess it doesn’t make sense to spend three times as much for 1More/RHA if they’re not really an upgrade from the VSD3S. But moving from VSD3S to GR07 BE, would that lead to a loss in overall bass as well? Asking so that I can make up my mind, whether to order another VSD3S, or spend more for the GR07 BE.

    Also, will adding a portable DAC/AMP, like Audioquest Dragonfly Black to my phone make a huge difference with either VSD3S or GR07 BE?

    Will probably order a GR02 BE with whichever of the above I order, most probably. Though it’s the same price as the new VSD1S, not sure which will be better.

  7. Personally I’d get another GR07, it’s really hard to beat if you like the type of bass-midrange balance it offers (I still use mine all the time). Plus, most models that I’d consider direct competitors have been discontinued, with newer value-for-money models in this price range mostly offering a different tonal balance.

    If you’re looking for a change you can try something like a 1MORE Triple Driver but personally I think it trades away a little too much clarity for its extra bass.

    And if you’re looking for an upgrade in at least one or two ways, you can look at used upper-tier hybrid earphones like the DUNU DN-2000 and FLC Technology FLC8. New they run $250+, used <$200 is not uncommon.

  8. Hi Joker,

    Thank you so much for your helpful reviews.
    Have been reading your reviews since I stumbled upon your site last year. And had bought the GR07 Be last December after reading your reviews and advice and really loved it’s clarity and sound stage.

    Unfortunately, I have lost the pair of gr07on a trip, would you advise if there are any models within $200 price range that are of similar or even an upgrade from gr07 be that will have at least equal or better clarity and a bit of bass, good mids. Thank you in advance.

  9. After the VSD3S those might not do it for you on the clarity and realism front. VSD3S is already pretty near the top of the <$100 bracket, so it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for improvement. While the 1MORE and MA750 do have more bass, there's a bit of a quantity over quality thing going on with them compared to the VSD3S and especially the GR07 BE. If your budget is strict I guess I'd go with the 1MORE Triple over the MA750 - it's more of a compromise rather than a straight up "warm and bassy" sound signature. Just be prepared that some of its bass will bleed up into the mids, which something you're not used to coming from VSonics. If we interpret your budget more loosely there might be room for something like a used DUNU DN-2000, which I've seen for $160 or so. These have more deep bass than a VSD3 while also improving on the clarity. I still think VSonic's tone is more natural than that of DUNU hybrids, but technically something like the DN-2000 is much more of a step up from the VSD3.

  10. Hey Joker!

    I’ve been following you since a few years now. Infact started my audio journey in earnest through your mega IEM review page on HeadFi. Went through Gr02 Bass Edition, MH1C, VSD1/S and am currently on VSD3/S. Thank you for this.

    So here I am again. The VSD3S cable is giving way, as have all the Vsonic models I’ve had. I absolutely love them to bits. Their clarity, soundstage, instrument separation, everything. Now I have to move on, but I want atleast a bit more bass impact/punch, especially on the lower end, without losing on the other aspects. Only, and only because of that, I ruled out the GR07 Bass Editions.

    Can you recommend something? Till now I had shortlisted 1More Triple Drivers and RHA MA750s (~USD 100-150), but haven’t been able to fix on them, still researching further.

    Few details. I’m in India, use my OnePlus 3 phone as the source, though might go in for a portable amp if required. I primarily listen to Instrumentals (Thomas Bergersen, Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer), Acoustic/Vocal/House/Trance, and bits of Alternative Rock, Pop, and R&B as well, pretty much all over the place.

    Your inputs are highly valued and appreciated!

    Thanks in Advance!

  11. I recently heard that Vsonic is releasing a 2017 version of GR07 Bass Edition.
    Is this correct?
    And if so, did you get to try the newest version?
    Thanks in advance! 😀

  12. Hey Joker, thanks so much for what you do!

    I have a quick question:

    I recently fell in love with the Sony MDR V6 and was looking for an IEM that had a similar sound signature (somewhat analytical but also fun, i.e. natural if not somewhat boosted bass, balanced and perhaps slightly recessed mids and detailed highs). Would the GR07 BE be the right IEM for me?



  13. By the way i really wonder those $1000 iems really worth it. I have gr07 be and its best ever i own. I never tried more expensive stuff. I saw you recommend flc8s which is about $350, for an upgrade but what about those 1k iems?
    I bought gr07be as your recommendation and pretty happy with it, but these damn curiosity.
    Thanks again great site, great work.

  14. Its so confusing, there are so many different models of gr07. Gr07 classic, bass, new classic, new bass, bass edition with detachable cables, gr07x… I have no idea what to buy next if my gr07be broke or something.

  15. I prefer the GR07, but it really depends on what you’re after because the three IEMs you’re looking at fall on different points along the sound signature spectrum – the MA750 the most warm, bassy, and smooth, the 1MORE in the middle, and the GR07 (even the BE) as the flattest and most accurate, with the least warm tone.

    I would say Piston 3 falls closest to the 1MORE, and sits between the 1MORE and the GR07 on the spectrum I mentioned above. So if you’re looking for a straight up Piston upgrade, the 1MORE is the best option, if you’re looking to move in a more warm and smooth direction – the MA750. And if you’re seeking a flatter/clearer sound – the GR07.

  16. Hi Joker!

    First of all, I would like to say that your site has been really helpful to me.
    I have been using your list as my reference for a long time and your reviews are always accurate!

    So, I am looking for a new IEM.
    My current one is Xiaomi’s Piston 3, and I bought with full confidence after looking at your review.
    I liked the character of the sound Piston 3 offers.
    But now I want to buy a new one, and I’m stuck between VSonic GR07 BE, 1MORE Triple Driver E1001, and RHA MA750.
    Can you please give me your recommendation? Which one do you prefer the most among those three?

    Thanks in advance, bro!

  17. HI joker,
    I bought gr07 bass last month, and after spending a month with it, i concluded that it is too bass shy for my taste. I believe using gr07B, bass quantity is compromised too much over clarity. Please suggest me what to do, as i spent $100+ on it.

  18. Hi, another fan of GR07 BE here. I am really wondering GR07X too. A GR07X review and comparison would be fantastic.

  19. Hi Joker,

    Any plans to review the GR07X in the near future? As a big fan on the GR07 BE sound signature, I am very perplexed to know if the GR07X is a direct upgrade to it.


  20. Thank for your reply. Ordered vsd5s for 65$ from China. Seems to be almost the same, but like more the new style.

  21. It’s not your source, the GR07 and SE215 will sound very different out of a modern Android phone. The SE215 has more bass (and sloppier, too) and significantly more rolled-off treble.

    All VSonic IEMs from the VSD and GR07 series sound similar to each other with minor performance and sound tuning differences. I still think the GR07/GR07 BE are the most successful in terms of overall performance, but at their respective price points you can’t really go wrong with any of these newer VSonic IEMs. Since you’re not completely sure about the direction you want to go from your SE215, an argument can be made for picking up one of the less pricy VSonics.

  22. Hello! For 2 years im using se215, they are good, but what i dont like: too much bass(seems like chant or mumble) and big, “fat”, too long(1.6m) cable. Im searching for something with over-the-ear wear style. Im interesting in gr07be, but the question is: im listening music from my phone(oneplus x) so will I feel the difference from this gr07be and any other cheap iems? May be because of bad source i didnt like se215, and dont need to upgrade?

  23. There’s just no way I can provide such specific comparisons with an earphone I haven’t tried – I’m really just weighing the MA750 against the other alternatives that have been discussed and it’s coming out on top (again, based partly on guesswork and gut feel).

  24. In terms of bass? From what i feel the r6i has pretty deep bass do you think the 750 will satisfy?
    Does the 750 provide better clarity as well? Most of the time id be listening to edm and billboard 100 the acoustic music id say maybe only 20~30% of the time. Do you think I should risk some bass and go for the 750 which has better soundstage?

    P.S sorry for asking so many questions! Have already done my best by helping you promote the site through social media!

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