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WESTONE ES50 Custom In-Ear Monitors

Westone Elite Series custom in-ear monitors announced

WESTONE ES50 Custom In-Ear Monitors

No long after the August launch of the UM Pro Series universal fit in-ear monitors, Westone has announced the new Elite Series custom in-ear monitors.

The series consists of 4 new models, with information provided by Westone as follows:

ES10: Built to the same exacting standards as all Elite Series monitors, the E10 provides unexpectedly high sound quality from a single driver and up to 25dB of ambient noise reduction.

ES20: The dual driver E20 provides exceptional low frequency response, smooth mids and articulate highs with a great balance of full sound.

ES30: The E30 is the next generation of a well-balanced three-driver system and is an ideal choice for the performing musician, audiophile and home/field sound engineers.

ES50: This earphone is the distinguished leader in the field for on-stage musicians and serious audiophiles, the result of Westone’s dedication to developing superb custom in-ear monitors since 1996.

The new monitors use new drivers and now come with a coaxial shell connector.  Additional artwork options are now available, including  exotic woods, laser engraving and additional carbon fiber selections.

Summarizing the new Westone Elite Series custom in-ear monitors:

  • The ES series continues to use custom tuned balanced armature drivers.
  • Only the single driver mentions a new driver, but the comment about the “enhanced” sound signature indicates there are new drivers and/or the tuning has changed across the line.
  • The new ES series products will use a coaxial cable connector instead of the 2-pin connectors.  This connector appears to be the same as that used in the Pro Series universal monitors.
  • The EPIC cable is still being used.  Talking with an industry insider that tested many stock cables, Westone’s EPIC cable is one of the best available.
  • Cables with Apple remotes (called MFI control) and Android remotes will be available in January.
  • Art options have been expanded over the previous capability to include wood, additional carbon fiber choices, and laser engraving.
  • Flex canals are still available and shell manufacture is the same, using cold pour acrylic.
  • Quote from John F. Lowrey, Vice President, Audio Group “We also enhanced the specialized “warm” sound signature Westone is known for.”

Full press release here.





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