QSound Binaural Audio Demos



Experience incredibly convincing, realistic three-dimensional surround sound effects with these stunning binaural audio demos created by QSound Labs.


You will perceive the auditory image as coming from outside your head in three dimensional space, as if you were actually there in real life!


Important: You must use HEADPHONES to experience the 3D sound effect!



Virtual Barber Shop


Join Manuel and Luigi for an unforgettable virtual haircut experience! Get your hair clipped and buzzed with spine-chilling 3D audio realism. Originally created in 1996 for a QSound client, the long version of this demo is also available on YouTube.


Hear Flash Demo -- Short versionHear Flash Demo -- Long version



Jungle Night


Turn up the volume and feel the jungle night all around you. Hear the distant sounds of howler monkeys, owls and barking dogs against the incessant buzzing of insects and chirping of birds.


Hear Flash Demo



Binaural Hearing 101


An introduction to the mechanics of human hearing. Learn how hearing actually occurs in the brain, relying on input from both ears. Includes some cool "out-of-the-head" street sound effects.


Hear Flash Demo



Binaural Hearing 102


Welcome to Raoul's Virtual House of Pasta! Meet your host, Raoul, cousin of the infamous Manuel and Luigi from the Virtual Barber Shop and enjoy a delicious feast for the ears. An entertaining primer on how binaural hearing works.


Hear Flash Demo







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