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Nothing here is automated. Everything is, and will always be, made by our disciplined hands. One look at the finished product and you'll immediately recognize the EarWerkz difference. Take a glance at the internals. Each balanced armature driver undergoes tight inspections and thorough testing to ensure quality. If the driver meets our criteria it is then electrically insulated by our unique conformal coating that permanently shields it from moisture, contaminants, and corroding.

Crossover networks were designed and engineered carefully to be sealed away in a discrete location, leaving only the elegance of the balanced armature drivers to be exposed. Each wire is measured accurately then cut precisely based on your unique mold. 

Obsessed with attention to details we then organize them individually by tunneling each one through clear electromagnetic interference shield tubing to maximize consistency and performance. Afterwards everything is hand soldered in perfect symmetry. 

Externally, we're about as scrupulous as they come. Armed with an arsenal of medical grade equipment and experienced shell lab technicians we aim to create only a perfect-as-possible fitting, low profile shell to ensure maximum comfort and a tight seal for optimum sound isolation.

Before the mold reaches the shell lab our technicians thoroughly inspect it to assure that there are no irregularities from an insufficient impression. Once accepted it undergoes several of our labor intensive trimming and detailing stages, including our proprietary coating process and nitrogen treatment, to achieve our final perfected shell. 


"Precision Tuned"

It is as it states. There are no gimmicks or mawkish nomenclatures to describe our masterful proprietary tunes and techniques. Decades of experience and countless hours of research and development speak for itself. Up to 8 digitally custom tuned balanced armatures.  Multiple crossover configurations. Precision bored acoustic ports. Anti-corroding 3.5mm gold plated connectors. Silver tinsel plated, quad headphone cabling formed in a double twisted pair with a "splitter-less" straight through design. You get the idea. Every detail, and we mean every, was taken into account to deliver the best sound possible. 


Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

The team at EarWerkz do things a little differently here. 7 days of customer support. 24 hour e-mail response time. 10-15 day turn around time with a 5 day rush option available. Multiple shipments throughout the day. Based out of Buford, Georgia we aim to raise the standards for custom in-ear monitors and customer service. 

 Local or in town? We'd love to meet you, provide a tour, and let you listen to our demos.