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Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEM) Review Previews

Preview information available:
InEarz IE-P250 custom in-ear monitor
Minerva Mi-Artist Pro & Mi-Performer Pro custom in-ear monitors
Perfect Seal Fusion 11 coming soon
Lear LCM BD4.2 coming soon
Hidition Viento-R coming soon

I am currently quite backlogged with the sheer number of review units I have as well as my time being divided among different tasks, so I have decided to write some brief summaries of the custom in-ear monitors I have received but not yet reviewed.  Make sure you take the previews with a grain of salt, as the true findings come from comparison listening as well as finding good and bad source matching.  Please ask your questions in the comments below.

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InEarz IE-P250The InEarz IE-P250 is an affordable dual-driver custom in-ear monitor made in the US for $295.  The sound is balanced with a slightly mid-forward presentation that is never offensive and offers quite good performance for the price.  While extension on both ends isn’t the greatest, it still has a very pleasant sound that would be expected of a top performer in this price range.  It is easy for me to listen to the P250 for extended periods of time, which I can’t say for all my lower cost CIEMs due to my snobby ears that are used to the higher end products :).  I still have yet to compare it with the vast majority of my lower cost (sub-$500) collection, but I am expecting very good performance from what I have heard.


Minerva Mi-Performer & Mi-Performer Pro custom in-ear monitors Minerva Mi-Artist Pro & Mi-Performer Pro: Minerva has been making hearing related products for over half a century and got into the CIEM game several years ago with the Mi-3.  They recently updated their lineup, replacing previous CIEM products with the Mi-Artist Pro and Mi-Performer Pro.  The Artist Pro is a dual driver in an acrylic shell with detachable cable while the Performer Pro is uses the same dual balanced armature driver housed in silicone.  The cables are different, but both nice.

As far as fit goes, the Mi-Artist Pro acrylic shell is the tightest fitting acrylic shell I have that doesn’t cause pain or discomfort, except when removing.  This CIEM does best with a push-in insertion method vs. a twist-in, and especially during the removal.  The Performer Pro also fits snugly, but isn’t quite as tight.

Sonically, they are quite different than the Mi-3, with a more forward overall presentation and a good deal more bass capability.  The Artist Pro and Performer Pro share a mid-forward presentation, but the Mi-Performer Pro outperforms the Mi-Artist Pro in bass extension and capability while the Mi-Artist Pro has better dynamics, treble extension, and treble quality.  The Performer Pro midrange is more forward and also resolves more detail than the acrylic shelled Artist Pro.


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