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Armed with Bluetooth technology, a custom fit and the brand’s in-house tech, the Custom Art Go One shows how far bang-for-buck can go with a little effort, experience and ingenuity.
Custom Art has broken the mold with its new tribrid IEM, FIBAE 5. Will the unique driver combination hit new heights, or fall flat?
HiBy’s third-generation mid-tier 6-series DAP is here. For $300 less than its predecessor, can the new R6 III maintain, or even improve its performance? Let’s find out.

Akoustyx, some of us might have never heard about this brand but they have an…

Dunu needs no introduction. They have been in the market making some of the best…

Ever wanted to use the same cable for multiple headphones that have different connectors? Lavricables have the answer, and it’s Grand.
The 109 Pro boasts market-leading comfort alongside a vibrant sound signature that doesn’t overstay its welcome but injects music with a joie de vivre that hooks upon first listen and continues to engage thereafter.
Following our first impressions of FiR Audio’s flagship, we explore what makes Xenon 6 one of the most remarkable – and controversial – IEMs in recent times.
A decade ago, the prospect of squeezing Audeze’s full range of technologies in a compact in-ear form factor would have passed as an appropriate April fool’s joke. The Euclid offers a balanced sound with excellent listenability, imaging and definition.

I have been in this hobby for while. In the last one and half decade…

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