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HiBy’s new flagship sets the bar for portable R2R sound performance in a full-featured, open Android DAP.

I Have been working with Effect Audio for a while. One of our friends switched…

Encased in titanium, Softears’ latest IEM – Turii Ti – is redefining the single dynamic driver state of the art. But is it worth the flagship price?
In the second part of our Lavricables review series, we explore the new Master V3 and Grand tiers of this unassuming, high-quality brand.

TinHiFi has been making IEMs for while, they have had a lot of IEMs under…

If you enjoy a warm, lush tonality with a nice analogue fuzz, the Cappuccino comes across as an authentic offering at an accessible price point.
If you’re looking for a velvety sound that balances powerful bass with excellent midrange definition and timbre, the Perpetua is without equal.

INTRO: Shanling, they are one of the biggest players in the DAP market now, I…

Miter has released its third-generation DAP case, this time in a more compact and convenient square format.

INTRO: There are a lot of brands in the market with plenty on offer and…

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