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Armed with Bluetooth technology, a custom fit and the brand’s in-house tech, the Custom Art Go One shows how far bang-for-buck can go with a little effort, experience and ingenuity.
Custom Art has broken the mold with its new tribrid IEM, FIBAE 5. Will the unique driver combination hit new heights, or fall flat?
Supermoon is the world’s first custom IEM with planar magnetic technology. Does Campfire Audio’s exciting new flagship CIEM justify the hype?
Four DDs, eight BAs and countless patents full, the Jolene is Jerry Harvey’s most ambitious, innovative and technically-impressive release to date; a true rockstar’s IEM.
The Vision Ears VE7 delivers neutrality in one of its easiest, most listenable forms yet; soulful, big and with a tiny hint of swing.

INTRODUCTION: German craftsmanship if well known for their attention to details and we expect excellence…

Custom Art’s FIBAE 7 is their house sound at its purest and cleanest yet: An intimate, organic, yet refined flagship without the sky-high price tag.

LX-ear, does not sound very familiar to most of us but things are about to…

64 Audio’s A18s is about as natural as reference gets; a warmer, mellower, more engineer-tailored take on their custom flagship that’s discerning all the same.
The EST-6 is a monitor you can enjoy all day long, there isn’t anything that instantly gratifies nor anything that wears on the ear over time. It simply sounds right.

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