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On its six year anniversary, 64 Audio’s first Signature Series custom IEM, N8, is still one of the finest bass-first monitors on the market. We take a detailed look at the story, styling and significance of this very special IEM.
Bellos Audio’s X4 is the engineer’s IEM: An accessible, tech-filled and exceedingly-capable tool that makes you better at what you do.
Bellos Audio’s flagship hybrid custom monitor, X4, is made for professionals. But as we discover, it’s also an ideal every day carry for the audio enthusiast.
Armed with Bluetooth technology, a custom fit and the brand’s in-house tech, the Custom Art Go One shows how far bang-for-buck can go with a little effort, experience and ingenuity.
Custom Art has broken the mold with its new tribrid IEM, FIBAE 5. Will the unique driver combination hit new heights, or fall flat?

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