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Four DDs, eight BAs and countless patents full, the Jolene is Jerry Harvey’s most ambitious, innovative and technically-impressive release to date; a true rockstar’s IEM.
The Vision Ears VE7 delivers neutrality in one of its easiest, most listenable forms yet; soulful, big and with a tiny hint of swing.

INTRODUCTION: German craftsmanship if well known for their attention to details and we expect excellence…

Custom Art’s FIBAE 7 is their house sound at its purest and cleanest yet: An intimate, organic, yet refined flagship without the sky-high price tag.

LX-ear, does not sound very familiar to most of us but things are about to…

64 Audio’s A18s is about as natural as reference gets; a warmer, mellower, more engineer-tailored take on their custom flagship that’s discerning all the same.
The EST-6 is a monitor you can enjoy all day long, there isn’t anything that instantly gratifies nor anything that wears on the ear over time. It simply sounds right.
Rhapsodio’s Orla is neutral-natural done right. Meaty in tone, yet well-defined too, it’s the ideal value option for smooth, laidback listening.
Fir Audio modules allow you to fine tune your compatible monitor without EQ.
The Solstice is a well-realised custom from Campfire Audio that integrates each standout element of the Andromeda into a more coherent whole.

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