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AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+: Master of all trades.

Disclaimer: Mr Isley from AIAIAI’s Partnership Program has kindly provided me with a pair of TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ headphones in exchange for an honest and impartial review. On behalf of the THL team, we thank AIAIAI for their generosity and trust in THL.


The TM2 Studio Wireless+ is a well-considered headphone that conforms to the professional needs and wants of pro-philes and audiophiles. From lossless low-latency monitoring (via W+ Link Technology) to 80h of Bluetooth 5+ streaming, the TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ provides a high-quality neutral sound that doesn’t disappoint.


+Upcycled design with sustainability in mind, offering users modularity in driver options (bio-cellulose versus titanium) and replaceable parts.

+Understated ‘Danish’ design with virtually indestructible build.

+True ‘latency’ free listening options and long-lasting battery life.

+Taut bass-response with excellent dynamic slam.

+Linear midrange with excellent layering.

+Commendable lateral stage width and headroom


-Non-collapsible headband.

-Long-term comfort is average.

-Imaging is congested amidst faster tracks with tight rhythm sections.


Source: AIAIAI

AIAIAIAI is a Danish company specialising in the design and manufacture of headphones catered to the pro-audio industry. ‘Prophiles’ see headphones as a tool for detecting unnatural artefacts that emerge in their recordings, eliminating them before they are pressed into wax or digitally distributed to eager listeners. In other cases, DJs performing live require an unbreakable pair of reliable headphones that allows them to monitor their mixes free of discomfort.

Admittedly, our website specialises in audiophile products, a different target demographic. However, thousands of pro-engineers are also audiophiles. In these junctures, monitoring headphones serve a dual purpose: analytical and leisurely listening.

Regardless, AIAIAI’s TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ headphones are designed for all those purposes and then some. Richie Hawtin, a British-Canadian electronic musician, was consulted professionally to help develop a penultimate headphone that satisfies the lengthy needs of professional studio engineers.

The AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ can be purchased on AIAIAI’s online storefront.


Bio Cellulose Driver

Source: AIAIAI

The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ is equipped with a bio-cellulose (or biodynamic) driver unit. Historically, Fostex (or Foster), a Japanese audio company, were the original progenitors of the bio-cellulose driver. Organically grown from bacteria cultures, biodynamic drivers are precision-engineered to exacting standards. The lightweight and stiffer bio-cellulose diaphragm is comparatively faster and more tactile than standard PET flexures, reducing distortion, and increasing dynamic responsiveness and clarity.

W+ Link Technology

W+ Link Technology is an unprecedented solution to an all-too-common issue in studio environments. The preponderance of studio monitoring headphones are wired, featuring the signature ‘telephone’ coil that prevents accidental disconnections when stretched too far.

The ubiquity of Bluetooth audio solutions in the consumer world isn’t quite the same for the pro-phile world. Typically, Bluetooth audio has an average latency of 100-200 milliseconds; this is suitable for general entertainment consumption. In a studio or live setting, any tangible delays can make or break a recording/performance. Hell is pressing a key on a MIDI controller and waiting 2-5 seconds to hear a response.

W+ Link Technology is a near-latency-free solution. Utilizing dual antennas, the X01 transmitter (which comes packaged with the TMA-2 Studio Wireless+), utilises a dedicated frequency band that promises 16 milliseconds of latency. Professionals can enjoy uncompressed streaming and an ultra-stable connection (minus the cumbersome wires) for up to 16 hours.

Bluetooth 5.0 Audio

The headband of with TMA-2+ (H10) Wireless promises 80 hours of music playback over Bluetooth 5.0 Audio. This pair of headphones is designed to be your one-stop shop for inside and outside studio use.


  • AIAIAI XI-H10 Headband
  • AIAIAI X01 Transmitter
  • S05 Bio Cellulose Drivers
  • E08 Alcantara Pads
  • CO2 Coiled Wire with 3.5mm termination with 1/4 inch screw-on jack
  • A01 Protective Pouch

The AIAIAI comes in a standard cardboard box with an abstract geometric pattern printed on its exterior. What’s uniquely different about the TMA-2 series of products is their end-to-end modularity. Every physical component (the headband, driver channels, detachable 3.5mm coiled cable etc.) is user-replaceable and interchangeable. We’ll discuss this in finer detail in the Design section.

Because of this, every component comes disassembled and packed into separate, sealed plastic envelopes. Fret not, there are no Helen keys or screwdrivers required. Assembling your pair of TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ takes a paltry two minutes.

Even more remarkable, at least 80% of AIAIAI’s packaging is recycled. And this isn’t a maverick company’s foolhardy attempt to ‘greenwash’. All plastic is 100% recycled, all paper used is FSC-certified, and the outer sleeve is 100% carbon-neutral, meaning it was 100% produced from Wind Energy and made with compostable elements. Even silica gel packets (meant to wick away moisture) have been replaced by activated carbon anti-moisture bags.

All these measured steps reflect a future-forward and progressive company that fervently believes in ethical consumption and sustainability. By embracing the circular economy, material wastage is kept to a minimum, and upcycled material waste is given new value.

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