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Product Launch: New Products from Topping, Tanchjim and SMSL!

A new wave of product launches just in time for the holiday season. This is a big one so you’ll want to make space in your stocking!

Starting off with the SMSL D300, this is a new $399 USD DAC packed with bells and whistles. It sports the rare BD34301EKV flagship DAC from Rohm, a new Kyoto-based entrant into the DAC chip market. The DAC supports PCM 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512 when paired with XMOS’ XU208 decoder chip. The DAC supports BT5.0 and has a newly designed remote control.

Topping follows up with a pair of new products. The first is the HS01, a USB audio isolator designed to prevent ground loop noise between the source and DAC. It is low latency and compatible with high-res audio transmission while keeping the price low at $69.

The U90 is a new USB audio bridge with a similar design language to the company’s popular D90/A90. It has four IIS controller switches allowing the user to choose pin definitions for IIS phase, MCLK, DSD flag and IIS DSDR, permitting greater control over IIS inputs. With an in-built audio isolator, it eliminates ground loop noise on top. The U90 just went live for $599 USD.

Finally, Tanchjim joins the TWS race with their new Echo. This is a TWS IEM with Qualcomm’s QC3040 chip, wireless charging support and IPX4 water/dustproof rating. Its 10mm Be-plated dome flexible suspended diaphragm DD promises a balanced sound. At just $99 USD, the Echo looks to be another valuable addition to the audio-focused TWS space.



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