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Get an insider look at industry trailblazer FIR Audio as they celebrate five years in business with CEO and Founder, Bogdan Belonozhko.
Have you ever thought about getting a custom in-ear monitor but backed out thinking it would be too difficult? Think again.
A first look at Stealth Sonics’ brand new flagship with all-new BAs, heightened output and a smooth, organic, full-bodied signature with technical chops to boot.
A discussion on the philosophy of reviewing.
An in-depth interview with Euphoria Audio’s Eric Chong on the ins-and-outs of marketing, representation, brand-consumer relationships and the Singaporean audiophile experience.
An interview with Custom Art’s Piotr Granicki where he delivers his insight on past progress, current affairs and future aims.
A closer look behind Japan’s no.1 portable audio store and their collection of in-ear monitors.
An interview with Kumitate Lab’s CEO Mr. Ryosuke Ito – exploring his humble beginnings, his thoughts on modern vs. traditional techniques, and his new 5-driver flagship Focus.
Featuring 22 brand new products from 10 premier portable audio manufacturers, this CanJam Singapore round-up will be your crystal ball into what porta-fi in the new year has to offer.

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