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A first look at Stealth Sonics’ brand new flagship with all-new BAs, heightened output and a smooth, organic, full-bodied signature with technical chops to boot.
A discussion on the philosophy of reviewing.
An in-depth interview with Euphoria Audio’s Eric Chong on the ins-and-outs of marketing, representation, brand-consumer relationships and the Singaporean audiophile experience.
An interview with Custom Art’s Piotr Granicki where he delivers his insight on past progress, current affairs and future aims.
A closer look behind Japan’s no.1 portable audio store and their collection of in-ear monitors.
An interview with Kumitate Lab’s CEO Mr. Ryosuke Ito – exploring his humble beginnings, his thoughts on modern vs. traditional techniques, and his new 5-driver flagship Focus.
Featuring 22 brand new products from 10 premier portable audio manufacturers, this CanJam Singapore round-up will be your crystal ball into what porta-fi in the new year has to offer.
Eight flagship IEMs. One good ole’ fashioned shootout. Who comes out on top?
Guest article from Tim Wickstrom of Knowles describing the evolution of sound reproduction through the years and highlighting how balanced armature technology can benefit the listener.
The Headphone List officially launched last September. We wanted to thank all who have come along for the ride so far and share some statistics and takeaways from our first year.

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