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Looking for gift ideas for the audiophile in your life that travels? They can’t take their room full of sound with them, but portable audio can still bring an enveloping, emotional, euphoric experience on the go. While the experience is different from full size home systems, there are still many merits the beautiful gear recommended below provides.
Whether you are shopping for yourself or another, this short guide highlights some of the best headphones and portable audio gear we’ve tried in 2017.
A primer on upgrade cables – a reflection on my personal experience with different tiers of cables.
In this prologue of the 2017 shootout we discuss the relationship between average note thickness, stage dimensions, and separation.
Following the previous post discussing the ‘music lover vs. audiophile’ approach, we move on to some interesting constructs that are commonly used to describe tonality: neutral, coloration, reference, naturalness, and organic.
A brief discussion about different ways to tune iems, that affects the way we listen and value iems.
Our picks for the best IEMs on the market have been updated for 2016!
An earphone or in-ear monitor (IEM) can make for a great holiday gift, but choosing between the hundreds of options on the market can be a daunting task. This guide highlights some of the best in-ear earphones of 2015.
Find out the best of the best to get the audiophile in your life that is always on the go in the 2014 traveling Audiophile holiday gift guide

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