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INTRO: Effect Audio, a name we associate with quality and elegance has been really active…

This audiophile world we are in is so vast that we sometimes come across a…

Eletech’s Aeneid is a specialist in ease: Clean, relaxed and effortlessly vast, letting the in-ear do all the talking.

INTRO: If you are browsing this page you have encountered some good quality audio products…

Whether in 4-wire or 8-wire form, Satin Audio’s Athena brings a distinct shade of meatiness, vividness and speed, with upticks in control and finesse the more wires you add into the mix.

INTRODUCTION: If you have a good Headphone, not having a good cable will restrict it…

PLUSSOUND’s Exo Palladium-Plated Hybrid delivers open, airy, free-flowing musicality for near-perfect matchability with any high-end IEM.
With swappable faceplates and a smooth, dynamic tonality, the EVO 10 sees Effect Audio play with sound and colour the only way they know how: With wit, finesse and a touch of flair.
PW Audio’s Monile imparts exuberance, intimacy and bite without losing sight of balance, realism or finesse.
The PPH is for the discerning listener looking to extract maximum performance from their high-end gear.

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