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Ever wanted to use the same cable for multiple headphones that have different connectors? Lavricables have the answer, and it’s Grand.
Nightjar Acoustics’ 4-wire Mira is as much a show of ambition as prowess; a cable with the crudeness of a young up-and-comer, but the stunning sonics of an industry veteran.

I have been working with Effect Audio for a while and I don't think any…

In the second part of our Lavricables review series, we explore the new Master V3 and Grand tiers of this unassuming, high-quality brand.

INTRO: Effect Audio has established themselves as one of the leaders in audiophile cable industry…

Lavricables is not a household name in aftermarket cables, but this low-profile company makes some of the finest pure silver cables on offer. Can the affordable Ultimate range compete with more fancied higher-end options? Let’s find out.

Pros - Gorgeous two-tone design, Wide syngery, Beautifully textured vocals, Highly defined bass, Excellent three-dimensional…

INTRO: Effect Audio, a name we associate with quality and elegance has been really active…

This audiophile world we are in is so vast that we sometimes come across a…

Eletech’s Aeneid is a specialist in ease: Clean, relaxed and effortlessly vast, letting the in-ear do all the talking.

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