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Effect Audio Ares S x Cadmus Limited Edition cable Review : Best of Both Weakness of None

Effect Audio isn’t leaving any stone unturned. They are not playing around as the cables they are putting up forth are class acts. The Fusion 1 was a sensational cable even at $999 but this article is related to the Signature series. Two years ago when Effect Audio introduced the signature series it took the audiophile cable market by storm. Even when it’s getting slightly old, I have no doubts while crowning them as the best mid range cables one can buy. The most popular cable of the trio is the Eros S and Effect Audio very recently introduced the Eros S 1st anniversary special edition. Now they have released a limited edition cable just for this holiday season. It combines two cables from the Signature Series. What they have done is come up with cable that basically combines a 4 core Ares S and a Cadmus 4w and made a unique 8w cable.

Priced at $349 this cable comes with a complimentary mini chambers case. I will compare this with the Area S 8w, Cadmus 8w and maybe with the Eros S (click here for comparison with Ares S and Cadmus 8w).

P.S. – If you want this cable, please send an email to [email protected]  they will make this bespoke cable with standard Signature series connectors instead of the limited edition chrome ones.


  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Pure Copper Litz & Silver Plated Copper Litz
  • Proprietary Dual Geometric Design (Ares S)
  • Septuplet Multi-sized Core Bundle (Cadmus)
  • EPO* 24 AWG 8 Wires
  • EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
  • ConX® Interchangeable Connector
  • Rhodium Plated Brass Straight Type Plug

In their words:

Ares S x Cadmus Christmas Edition Cable

Ares S x Cadmus Christmas Edition Cable blends the best of both worlds, elevating your audio experience. Ares S enhances Cadmus by infusing warmth and body into its mids and vocals, creating a more intimate connection with your favorite tracks. Meanwhile, Cadmus contributes by delivering controlled bass and smooth treble extensions, enhancing the beloved Ares S experience. The result is a remarkable sonic precision, every note resonating with exquisite detail.

This cable astounds with warm, dynamic mids, soulful vocals, and tight and impactful bass, all complemented by beautiful treble extensions. With a dual geometric design optimized for signal conductivity and a septuplet multi-sized core bundle enhancing both Pure Copper and Silver-Plated Copper properties, it’s a harmonious blend of two natural forces.

P.S. I will call this AxC cable in short.

Here is the Product page:


First thing that greets us is the beautiful looking Y splitter held by a piece of velvet covered holder, this is reasonable given that it is center piece of this cable and is one of the more attractive Y splitter used by Effect audio. The cable is placed under that, tied with a leather push button strap. There is some documentation with info on the cable and about the signature series. Underneath is the familiar storage case which uses the cable strap to keep the cable inside. Thankfully this case is a bit bigger now, compared to the 4w series. I definitely will like to see a hard case but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.


AxC behaves just like the Ares S and Cadmus abd as the name suggests it uses 4 cores of 24AWG Premium UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper Litz multi-sized cores and 4 cores of 24awg UP-OCC pure copper LITZ inside. This creates a unique hybrid of SPC and Copper cores and looks better than both the Ares S and Cadmus. We get chrome plated Y splitter, 4.4mm jack and 2pin’s jackets because of its limited edition nature. This give it a more shiny and distinctive look. This is not very supple but thanks to its heft this is not an incompliant cable, we do not have microphonics to worry about but there is a bit of memory. Cable guides are on the thicker side but aren’t that bothering and don’t affect the whole experience. Square braids give it a unique yet aesthetically pleasing look. Its internally braided wires look equally captivating too.


This is where this IEM get interesting. This inherits the traits of both Ares S and Cadmus and while Cadmus is mid forward with less emphasis on bass and highs, the Ares S is warm and full sounding and likes to add bass body with a calmer, smoother presentation across the spectrum and AxC takes the best of both any combines them for a unique and exciting experience. The way this cable stops treble notes from getting aggressive is note worthy. Tonality and timber are natural and warmish, yes it does depend a lot on the IEM used but it doesn’t let thin notes in while bringing in a lot more texture. Stage too get the qualities of both the cables and is bigger.

I am using Shuoer EJ07M, Shozy Elsa and Soundz Custom Flame for this review.


This cable not only looks like a mix of Ares S and Cadmus it sounds like a mix of them too. We get very good depth, very good sub-bass rumble, high quality texture, weight behind notes and layered presentation from the Ares S while Cadmus brings in more details, better definition, slightly faster decay, a bit smaller area of impact, linear mid bass and better dynamics. Thanks to this AxC has a special kind of balance of all these things. It lacks nowhere but doesn’t get overly colored or flavored.

If you think your IEM lacks control or feels a bit wooly but you want to retain the texture and doesn’t want to slow the decay or lose the body, this the best possible combination.


Same story here too. Ares S give us the poise and weight behind the notes while the Cadmus brings is very good texture and timber while both have superb timber and tonality. Cadmus has a bit too much texture while Ares S has a bit too much smoothness, AxC has a mix of both. Both male and female vocals sound true to the nature and accurate without being sharp or mushy. Male vocals are throaty and grunty but not thick and female vocals are clean clear and not overly thing. The is the part of the spectrum where you can perceive where the Ares S ends and Cadmus takes over. Ares S has shorter notes with wider base while cadmus has petite bases and taller notes. AxC has the mix of both. Same case with instruments but thanks to the taller and more transparent presentation of the Cadmus we get very good details and clarity with right amount of body and weight.


This is where both the Ares S and Cadmus behave similarly. Both don’t have any aggression and like to keep the notes smoother and AxC behaves exactly like the mix. This treble isn’t smooth or dark but doesn’t go beyond a set level of energy, keeping any type of sharpness away while bringing us very good extension. It’s aptly sparkly while notes have very good agility but since they have gained some weight and body we get slightly less air than Cadmus but better than Ares S. Separation and layering are good, notes aren’t very airy yet cue placements are very good.


Shuoer EJ07M:

EJ07M is a W shaped IEM that delivers a detailed sharp and clarity oriented sound that is easy to enjoy but I wasn’t able to appreciate its mid range and leaner notes.

AxC definitely helps this IEM gain right kind of balance. Notes get fuller and the mid range gains right type of emphasis. Even though the whole mid range is more forward and fuller it doesn’t have a lot of energy with the instruments but focuses on the vocals. We get pleasing vocals texture and timber which is on the thinner and sharper side with the stock cable. We get less aggression and the extra energy at the peak of the note is nicely reduced. It doesn’t hinder the definition but reduces the sharpness.

Bass gains some heft too. It isn’t exactly great with the stock cable but AxC brings in a fuller and punchier lower end with better extension and rumble. Yes, this does slow down the punches a bit delivering more weight and a bigger slam but that’s what this cable is meant to do.

With the stock cable this IEM has a sharp and forward treble but AxC brings in much better control and it doesn’t feel aggressive anymore. We get impressive extension, layering and separation but it does reduce the note’s height and energy at the peaks (or finishing region).

Oriveti OH700VB:

This is already a fun sounding IEM and one might think that this pairing might be overly bassy or warm but to my surprise this cable tightens the OH700VB’s bass, it still has the rumble and layers but doesn’t feel much loose while the details are super good. What surprised me is the upper treble energy this cable brings out of this dark-ish IEM. It’s not what I was expecting but here we are with high quality details and energy across the treble region. Mid range doesn’t feel much thick or dull but we get superb texture and accuracy with both male and female vocals.

Stage is expanded in every direction while Sonics and imaging is improved with cleaner and airier notes.


Did you liked the Cadmus a lot but felt I wish I had a bit more treble energy or bass body? Ares S x Cadmus is the perfect cable for you. It’s not the other way around for the lovers of Ares S though. If you liked the Ares S a lot, I don’t think you wish for more details or energy but if you do, Yes, this is the best cable for you too.

All in all this is an excellent cable but sadly it’s a limited edition cable and is already sold out. I have requested Effect Audio to make some more of this but If you want this cable, please send an email to [email protected]  they will make this bespoke cable with standard Signature series connectors instead of the limited edition chrome ones (and no complimentary mini chambers case).



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