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HiBy’s third-generation mid-tier 6-series DAP is here. For $300 less than its predecessor, can the new R6 III maintain, or even improve its performance? Let’s find out.
RS2 is the newest (and smallest) member of HiBy’s Darwin family of R2R DAPs. Can this diminutive player measure up to the rest?

INTRO: It's not new for IEM makers to venture into sources. Mostly it's the other…

Combined with a set of high-impedance cans, it makes for a reasonably priced, truly unique and romantic listening experience that you’d be hard pressed matching with other amp types.
The SE180 comes across as a beautifully formed transportable source with plenty of gusto for home use, decent portability and no shortage of convenient smart features.

INTRODUCTION: I would like to believe that all of us are aware of Shnaling. They…

Topping’s latest DAC/AMP combo is attractive, space-efficient and a pleasure to use.
Monumental quality, and tubes! All at an affordable price.
Lotoo’s PAW 6000 is the peak of trickled-down technology, sustaining their flagship’s build quality, blazing-fast OS and tonal balance, whilst making improvements in form factor, battery life and screen quality; all at a much more accessible price tag.
The Dual DAC Cable ultimately showcases greater refinement in both feel and listening than even its premium competitors, however, its higher output impedance especially makes it a far more situational buy.

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